Seriously?! Thursday

Today I'm linking up again with From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday.  A lot of things make me go "Seriously?!" and this is the perfect outlet for that.  Also gives me a chance to blog about things that may be too insignificant to write an entire post about... so these are little snippets.

Seriously?!  I am soooo over feeding my children 3 meals a day.  Goodness, what a chore!  What makes matters worse is that Marco is a junk-food-junky (I wonder where he got that from? oh yeah... me) and doesn't want to eat main staples.  So, I have to fight and threaten him to eat his sandwich, eat his meat, eat his oatmeal, eat his chicken... because all he wants to eat are chips, cookies, goldfish, and juice.

Seriously?!  I think my children like to make me out to be a liar.  I blog about something, and then the next day they prove me wrong.  Like when I blogged about Jonas not liking milk?  Now, he loves it... can't get enough of it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled... but still look like a liar.  Or when I blogged about how I'm a genius that brainwashes my kids with Disney? and then the next week Marco runs away!  It's like they do it on purpose... are they reading this?

Seriously?!  The air conditioning at my in-law's house has been on the fritz... sometimes it's working and sometimes it isn't.  And let me tell you... I am a spoiled brat.  When it stops working, I get all pissy and irritated.  I refuse to cook or do anything... I kinda just lay there.  I know I'm spoiled... and that "seriously" is for me.

Seriously?!  I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday and I'm soooo excited!  Woohoo!

Seriously?!  You haven't checked out the pictures from Jonas' birthday party yet?  What are you waiting for... Seriously?! Click HERE

That's all for today... I know I say "seriously?!" a lot more than this, but when I sit down to write, I ain't got nothin'!  Maybe I should start keeping track throughout the week so I can give you some good stuff on Thursdays.

Anyway... thanks for reading... and follow me if you don't already!  Just do it.  (please).


Amy said...

I'm jealous of the hair cut! I need a cut and color so bad! I just need a little something new (nothing drastic) to give me a little boost :)