I'm a Guest

Today I'm being featured over on Kitchen Chronicles with a family recipe.  Full disclosure:  I did not create the recipe.  I did not cook the recipe.  I am a cheater.  My awesome mother-in-law cooked it while I took pictures and wrote the post.  But it came out awesome and you'll all love it.  It's Not Your Momma's Carrot Cake where you'll learn to make this:


Amie is one of my Orlando friends.  She's not just a blogger friend but actually an In Real Life friend.  Cool, huh?  She's married to an awesome guy and we love visiting with them and hanging out.  Upon getting married last year, her goal was to go through and make as many family recipes as possible to learn about her husband's culture (Iranian) and teach him about hers (Italian).  

Check out her blog and sift through all the variety of recipes... it's pretty awesome.  Maybe you'll find something to impress your own man with tonight!