Brainwashing with Nemo

Marco has developed a slight obsession over Nemo.  It all started when we went to Animal Kingdom in June and saw the live Finding Nemo show.  It was amazing and beautiful and he really liked it.  After that, he kinda forgot about it... until our drive down to Miami, where my step-mom brought him the DVD for car entertainment.  We watched it about 3 times on the way down... in a row.  That was it, he was hooked. 

We held onto the DVD and every day he asks to watch it.  Sometimes we try to distract him with something else, and sometimes we give in and let him watch it... several times in a row. 

He has the parts that he likes.  He stands close to the TV and giggles.  Parts like when Nemo's dad is teaching him how to leave the anemone and starts to tickle him.  Marco turns around and says, "tickles".  Or when Nemo's dad first meets Dory and she says, "You got a problem buddy?... do ya? do ya? do ya?"  He loves that.  

But there are the parts that frighten him as well.  He knows when they're coming and so he stands up next to the couch and waits for them, so he can easily and quickly run out of the room.  Once they have passed, he slowly goes back to his spot in front of the TV with caution and his fingers in his mouth.  The parts that scare him are mainly in the beginning... the barracuda that eats Nemo's mom and siblings, and obviously the scene with the boat and divers, where Nemo gets taken away.  

So I have found myself taking advantage of his fascination.  I mean, why not?  You've gotta use whatever you can to brainwash your kids, right?  But only for a good purpose.  Every.Single.Time the diver scene comes on, either myself or Mauricio will say this monologue:

"Oh noooo, Nemo is disobeying his Papai.  He is not obeying.  Oh noooo, look what happens when Nemo doesn't listen.  Nemo is not being safe.  Oh noooo, Nemo is being taken away.  He didn't listen to his Papai and now he's in trouble.  Oh noooo, look how sad Nemo's Papai is... he's so sad.  You see Marco, that's why you ALWAYS have to listen and obey Papai and Mama."  

You guys should see his face.  It is priceless.  He is scared out of his wits.  And that's a good thing.  I don't feel bad about it one bit.  I figure, maybe one day he'll remember what happened to Nemo and think twice about running into the street or letting go of my hand.  I'm telling you, brainwashing with Disney can be a powerful tool!