Homeschooling Update

We moved into our new house about a month ago now and homeschooling has been put on the back burner.  And by back burner, I mean perhaps the grill outside.  

I have totally dropped the ball.  

How do I feel about it?  A little bit like a failure and a little bit like, eh, whatever. 

I try to guilt myself:  "What's wrong with you?  Why can't you just get your act together to do a few activities with the boys a week?  Why are you so selfish?  It's not hard after all!"

And then I try to justify it to myself: "Well, they are only 2 and 3... it's not like the HAVE to go to school, and besides, they're pretty smart already.  We don't have internet at the new house, so it's too hard for me to plan.  Well, at least we still read to them.  Well at least we watch educational television like PBS.  Well, at least..."

So as you can tell, I'm conflicted.

I was so gung ho about it in the summer but that was mostly because I had no activities in the summer.  I was beyond bored in the summer.  But now that all my activities started back up, I'm busier and I'm less motivated- (another excuse).  The only REAL days I can commit to homeschooling is Monday and Tuesday, but even then I cop out and don't do it. 

I'm being a bit hard on myself here though... I have done SOME activities with the boys... but not nearly as many as I would have liked by this point.  

Remember my original goal was to do 1 week's worth of curriculum (one letter) over the course of two weeks?  Well... by THAT plan we should already be on the letter E... but we're still on the letter C.  

Some activities we have done:

Played Dominoes: Marco loved doing this!

Finger Painted:  Jonas made a big mess but was so happy.  Marco didn't want to get dirty so he didn't do much.

We've done a few other things as well.  And we're still getting the suggested library books and reading them consistently.  

I still love the curriculum we got... it's so creative and fun.  I just need to get back into it and become motivated.

But I have decided that I'll be putting Marco in school for K4 next year.  Apparently I can't count on myself to be as consistent as needed.  Hats off to all you homeschooling mommies... you're pretty amazing!


Shawna said...

Hey, I could never do it either so dont' feel too bad! It definitely takes a certain person to make homeschooling successful...someone much more organized and motivated than me! And like you said, they are still so young. They're still way ahead of what a majority of kids their age have been exposed to :-)

Helo Laguna said...

Nicole querida, vocês passaram por uma grande turbulência, uma mudança não é nada fácil, se você continuar se cobrando, vai entrar em Stress, você é uma mãe MARAVILHOSA!!!! lembre-se disso, eu te admiro muito!. Deixe as coisas fluírem e DESCANSE NO SENHOR!
te amo!

Danielle-Marie said...

I don't home school, my kids are also 2 and 3. Preschool is not really a big deal here in Canada so the kids aren't enrolled in that either. Some parents choose to put there kids in, others don't, the ones with stay at home parents usually are the ones who stay home because preschool is expensive! Either way, it's nothing Junior Kindergarten won't take care of. I do a workbook with Landon sometimes but he's just like his mother...he gets VERY frustrated and gives up when he doesn't catch on to something quickly. We try various times throughout the week but I don't have an organized plan about it. Kids pick up so much on their own anyways. I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that you shouldn't beat yourself up about this. You're always doing fun and stimulating activities with your do a great job every day!