Mother's Day, Part Deux

Today I celebrated my second Mother's Day with my 2 boys!  It was actually a weekend celebration.  My husband made every effort to give me a carefree and enjoyable weekend, with a few fun things sprinkled in as well.

On Saturday morning, Mau got everyone up and we had a little cuddle session in our bed.  Everyone was dressed and fed, and just when I thought we were leaving, Marco approached me with a folded piece of paper, that read, "Mama, help me find my tete" (pacifier).  Ok, I smelled a scavenger hunt!  This was gonna be fun!

So I ran upstairs to Marco's crib and in it I found another piece of paper leading me to another clue.  Mau had me running around our whole house... and remember, we live in a 3 story house.  I climbed up and down A  LOT of stairs!  But it was worth it!  I found a clue stuck to the inside of the toilet seat, another one underneath Jonas... but the best one was INSIDE Marco's diaper.  Yes, you read that right... I had to take off Marco's diaper to get it!  Finally, all the clues and running around lead me to this:

I GOT A KINDLE!!!  For those of you who are my FB friends, you already know this because I just couldn't contain my excitement.  And I still can't!  I'm already half way through my first Kindle book!  Seriously, this is such an awesome gift for me and COMPLETELY unexpected.  Mauricio floored me... I had no idea... what an awesome surprise!

The rest of the day was nice too... we went to Target and 5 Guys (mmm) and then back home.  We saw the Heat lose (Booooo) and watched a cute movie.

Then this morning we went to church and received an uplifting and encouraging message from Pastor Perry Noble that specifically spoke to me and reminded me that being a mom is a gift from God.  He entrusted me with these tiny people, to teach them and lead them and help them grow to know Him.  I am the Lord's servant.

This Mother's Day was wonderful!  I've felt special, pampered and blessed.  I only wish I could have given my moms (Mom, Vivi and Rosana) a big hug and kiss as well.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama's out there... New and Old!  God Bless!


Mirella said...

That's awesome!! Happy mother's day :-)

Unpolished Parenting said...

Whoop whoop on our awesome Mothers Day gifts! I haven't been able to put mine down!!!