Who Wants to Fight?

For those of you who know me now, you might not believe that once upon a time I was a not-so-nice person.  Yup, it's true.  I was super confrontational.  It's something I've prayed about and allowed the Lord to calm my heart.  Granted, I've got a ways to go in the "meek" department, but you should see how far I've come!  However, I've still got a few hot buttons that you should just never push, or you WILL see that confrontational side come roaring out!

On Saturday, we needed to run an errand at Target, and as we pulled into the handicap space, a black lady on the opposite side threw her cart into an unoccupied handicap spot and proceded to walk away. (Normally, I wouldn't comment on her race, but you'll see why...)  So, I look at Mau and say, "Oh hellz no she didn't just do that!" and I get out of the car.  Here's how our confrontation went... we'll call her Queen of the Parking Lot (QPT), since I don't know her name.

Me:  Excuse me, are you planning on leaving that cart there?
QPT: Yeah, so?
Me:  So, what if someone wants to park there?
QPT:  Then she'll have to get her fat lazy WHITE ass out of the car and move it herself!
(oh, no she didn't!)
Me: Really, a HANDICAPPED person is supposed to get out of the car and move the cart?
QPT:  That's not my problem.
Me: Don't you think you should just be curteous and take it to the front of the store or put it in a cart collector...
QPT: Are you gonna call the cops on me?
Me: Uh, no... but it would have taken you the same amount of effort to put it away as it took you to put it there.
QPT:  Then why don't you use YOUR effort and put it away for me.
Me: Yeah, I'm going to... because I'm not a selfish BITCH like some people!

Ok, I lost it at the end there... I know.  But REALLY... some people!  I was actually kinda hoping she would come up to me and punch me so I could call the cops!  That would have been something!

Anyways, nothing got resolved... I moved the cart.  But guys, I had a huge adrenalin rush... I could have fought someone... and won!

When we got back in the car, Mau asked me if I felt good about what I did.  And as I punched the air like a professional boxer, I said Ohhhhh yeah!  Well, he wasn't impressed.  He said that she could have come back around and keyed our car, or hurt me for real and that I shouldn't put myself in those situations.  And he's right... so I blame my motherS.

My mom would have done the EXACT same thing... once she pretended to be a cop when someone parked in the handicap spot without a tag!  And we say that if my step-mom, Vivian, were a super hero, her name would be "The Avenger"... fighting wrongdoing at every corner.  These have been my examples... women who can't keep quiet or let it go.  So naturally, I fall in the same category!  And honestly... IT FELT GOOOOOOD!


abby said...

good for you, girl!!

Unpolished Parenting said...

I think it's awesome that you said something because normally I would just let it bother me but not say anything. But I have to agree with Mau a little bit too. You never know...

But good for you for saying something. Hopefully she will be more courteous, or at least think about her actions next time she's in a similar situation.