Ode to Dad

Back when you were oh, so young
Into parenthood you were flung.
A young man, just barely twenty-one,
Did you have any idea it would be so fun?

As a little girl, I thought you were a king,
And I still remember all the songs we would sing.
I used to adore our "Lovin' Fights",
And how you'd tuck me in each night.

You taught me about our Father above,
By daily demonstrating Jesus' love.
Today I walk in God's great light,
Because you made it shine so bright.

And though at times I pushed you away,
You know now that I am here to stay.
Your love has guided me through and through,
And I'm a good parent today, because of you.

So on this great day of your birth,
I come not with gifts or incense or myrrh,
All I have is this simple ode,
To thank you for all the love you have showed. 

Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!
I love you!


jorge said...

Well you managed to make me cry on my fiftieth birthday - mission accomplished! I shared with my friends from high school and they cried too. I love you sweetheart and you've made my life a joy worth living. From the moment I saw you with your bumpy nose and kooza lips, I fell in love. You are my blessing from God! Dad