SunRay Farms

The weather in Greenville has been rather perfect for the last month or so.  It's warm, sometimes humid, and breezy in the shade.  Being a Miami-girl, I don't mind humidity.  But, even though I'm from FL, the summers here are more intense.  The heat is like a blow drier in your face, where in Miami it's more like the inside of a dish washer.  So, until the heat becomes unbearable, we've been trying to do as many outdoor outings as possible.

Last week, you read we went to the Happy Cow Creamery, we've also been to the park a dozen times, and on Friday we went to SunRay Farms.  SunRay is a small horse ranch that sometimes offers toddler time for only $5.  During this time, the children are invited to pet the horses, groom them and feed them.  They also have a few games and a wide open field for lots of running.

I don't think I have ever... I mean EVER, seen Marco that dirty before.  He was probably a little bit cleaner coming straight out of the womb than he was coming out of SunRay Farms!  Marco saw some of the bigger boys picking up hay, but he decided to pick up dirt instead.  He also played with the dogs water bowls, rolled in the grass and even picked up some horse poop.  Yes, my son knows no limits.  Before our picnic, I foolishly tried to clean him up a bit with wipes... as if wipes could handle a job of those proportions!  I swear, I swiped his face ONCE with a wipe, and it came back brown... but there were still 3 more layers of filth on that face!

We had a wonderful time enjoying the horses and being outdoors.  We were thouroughly dirty and tired by the time we got home.  After everyone had a bath, (myself included), we all had a nap, (again, myself included... yay!).  It was a great day and we look forward to visiting with them again soon!

Check out some pictures from the day.  Marco with his best friends, Bastian and Sloane!

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