Heart Broken

After hearing the verdict on the Casey Anthony case, my heart is simply broken for the lack of justice served for two-year old Cayle's murder.
When the case was first uncovered, I was still living in Orlando... in the heart of the action.  It was all consuming.  Every time I turned on the radio or tv, there it was... 2 year old Cayle missing.  People from my town were performing endless searches to find this little girl, dead or alive.
As the search continued, I found out I was pregnant with Marco.  When they finally found her body, and Casey was questioned, I knew that something was not right.  I was not yet a mother, but I KNEW that this was not how a mother behaved or mourned.  And as more and more evidence was brought forth, it became clear in my heart that she had a hand in her daughters murder.
Honestly, in the 2 years since they found the body, I have not followed the case much.  The news here may mention it, but doesn't dwell on it, and I haven't sought it out myself.  I think it's been too painful for me to hear the details and look at pictures of that beautiful little girl.
To me, this could have been a clear cut case... so many things lining up against Casey.  And yet somehow, the prosecution did not do a good enough job.  Casey Anthony walks free... on all charges except lying to police. (whoopti doo).
But now what?  Who is going to bring this baby girl's murder to justice?  Will there be a new search for the "true" murderer?  And if this really was an "accident", will no one pay for the neglect... for hiding her body... for putting on this show?
I sit here and cry because I can't understand.  How have the Anthony's become so caloused that they don't even care about what happened to that little girl anymore?!  To them, it's all water under the bridge.  Over and done with.  This is absolutely heart breaking that no justice was served for little Cayle.