12 Weeks, 2 Days

Weight: 125
Heartbeat: 164

I had my second official OB appointment on Wednesday, at 12 weeks/ 2 days.  It was a simple one, just blood pressure, weight and heartbeat.  The Dr was able to find the heartbeat immediately.  The doppler just touched my stomach and there was that beautiful "chug chug" sound.  It's amazing!  Upon listening to that glorious sound, my heart automatically swells.
So far this pregnancy has been much easier than Marco's.  I have had morning sickness everyday, but only before I eat.  That's not so bad.  With Marco I had it before I ate, after I ate and sometimes in the afternoon. I had designated "pull over" spots all along the way to work, and always drove in the right lane.  Sometimes I'd leave my students in the middle of a warm up and run into my office to hurl into the trash can... isn't that lovely?  None of that this time!  Whew, I dodged a bullet!  Because, really, I don't think I could handle changing all of Marco's RANCID diapers if I was as nauseas as I was last time.
I've only got a few more days of my 1st trimester, the worst, and I'm really looking forward to this next step.  I can't wait to have my belly back and wear my cute maternity clothes!  LOL.  It's silly, but I thought I looked pretty good pregnant.  Here I was at the end of my 2nd trimester, last time (duh)... about 24 weeks.  Not too big!  Like my socks?

I was telling Mau last night that I can't believe how much I love Marco.  He makes my life a million times more enjoyable!  And now, we're having another.  My heart is going to explode!  God has abundantly blessed me in this life.