Smokey the Pool Lady

You know, I don't know how these things happen to me, but they do and you know me, I can't keep my trap shut.  I have a REALLY big bark... but no bite at all.

Today we joined Carol, her kids and Beth with her son at the pool for our final pool play date.  All was going well... as well as can be expected with 6 kids and 3 adults.  We decide to take a break from the deep pool and head over to the baby pool for a bit.  While in the baby pool, we noticed these 2 women smoking right outside the gate.  The wind was blowing in such a way that the smoke was coming directly our way.  So, I comment to Carol, "Ugh, I hate the smell of smoke".  That's it.  That was my comment.  The lady rushed over to the gate and proceded to rip us a new one.

Back story:  This was not Carol's first encounter with Smokey.  Apparently, a few weeks back, Carol informed Smokey that there was no smoking at or in the pool.  On this day, she was smoking INSIDE the pool.  Come on, that's common sense!

So, I guess my simple comment threw her over the edge.  Smokey told us that she was entitled to smoke outside the gate, and where would I have her stand instead?  Well, she asked, so I told her.  I told her I'd like her to stand a little further down so I didn't have to smell her stench.  To which she replied, too bad.  If she didn't like my answer, she shouldn't have asked.  Just as she's entitled to smoke outside the gate, I am entitled to say WHATEVER I want about her stinky smoke.

She finishes her cigarette and comes over to us for another bantering.  She tells us that we need to shut our mouths and that we are LUCKY our kids were with us or else.  She was even so kind as to invite Carol out to the parking lot to settle it like "big girls".  Ha!  She wanted to fight... now that's Klassy!

Well, you want to know the cherry on top?  She called the COPS!  Yep, she really did!  We were having our lunch under the pavilion when we see her chatting with an officer.  Did she think we were going to get in trouble for saying something about her smoking... is she delusional?!  The officer comes up to us and hears "our side" which is no big deal.  Carol said that the only thing that she was upset about was Smokey threatening her and calling her out.  Well, as expected, and as stated in our Good Ol' American Constitution, anyone can say anything they want.  DUH!

So in the end, nothing happened.  The cop went back to serving and protecting against REAL crime, and ol' Smokey went back to getting her fierce tan on... she's 50 by the way, yuck.

Now, let me shamelessly admit something before the world of bloggers... I am prejudice against smokers... and I.Don't.Care.One.Bit.  I usually give smokers a bad face while walking past them.  I cough loudly on purpose.  I say loud comments about how stinky it is.  Shameless.  First of all, I don't think that I or my children should have to endure hazardous chemicals because a STRANGER can't practice self control and is too selfish to smoke in the privacy of their own homes.  Heck yes, I think smoking in public should be finable and GOOD JOB, NYC for making it that way!  Smoking is hazardous to our health... as is 2nd hand smoke.  This is not an idea or a opinion... it's a FACT!  I have chronic lung disease and who knows what other ailments other people may have, and yet these self righteous smokers feel the need to cry about their "smokers rights".  Well, what about MY right to breathe clean, non-toxic air?  What about MY right to not expose my children to it?  Why should I have to leave if I'm not the one with the addiction.  Actually, I do have an addiction... to clean air.  

Ok, I'll step off my soap box now.  Whew.


Anna said...

I agree 100 percent!!!

dixiemama said...

Oh, AMEN! I really do relish opportunities to use big words on small minds. Seems like you got that chance today! WAY

Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole .....
I agree with you ... it is very unpleasant, and the smoke is extremely dangerous, you have no idea what I'm going to quit, I'm taking the remedies, the legacy that brought the smoke into my body, I have bronchitis and anguns emphysema small .... I'm suffering a lot at first until I had small tremors and hallucinations result ... ..