10 Reasons Why I'm Not Going

This year is my 10 year high school reunion.  Yes, that pretty much means I'm officially old.  It really doesn't feel like it's been that long, but alas, it has and a lot has changed since then.

Originally, I was looking forward to my reunion, but that quickly changed when a FB page was opened up to promote and discuss it.  Here are a few reasons why I will NOT be attending my 10 year reunion.

1.  The FB page has been absurd and really shown me who the people we went to high school with were like and how little they have changed in 10 years.

2.  The FB page has been beyond obnoxious, with a million harassment's reminders about buying our ridiculously expensive tickets.

3.  The organization has been anything but organized.  They opened it up for suggestions and received a cacophony of dumb opinions and people being "too cool for school".  They didn't want to have it at this one reception hall, which would have been a good deal, because some girl had her 15's there... like, 13 years ago... really?!  I went to that party 13 years ago, and I'll admit, it was fun... but not so good that we can't have any other event there ever because, omg, how tacky would that be?  Get. A. Life.

4.  They decided to not invite the teachers.  Why?  Because some people don't like some of the teachers... "She was meeeean"... "She assigned haaaaard work".  Ummm, who said these "mean" teachers would want to go anyway?  And, be a grown up and GET-OVER-IT!

5.  So they decided to have the party... at a house.  Yes, a house party.  But wait guys, they're like renting suuuuper nice tables and chairs... oh, and they're having TOP SHELF LIQUOR... guys, it's totally worth it.  And, maybe if enough people go, they'll have enough money to buy finger foods.  And, they have to get valet, security, decorations, lights, dj, dance floor, etc.  All of this, for the low and reasonable price of... $80 PER PERSON!  Are they freaking kidding... $80 per person for a house party?!  So, if Mau and I wanted to go, we'd have to dish out $160... ridiculous!

6.  But then, people have said NOT to bring your husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends... because they don't know anybody and you'll have to "babysit" them the whole night.  Riiiiiight.

7.  A few of the comments made on the FB page has totally turned me off from attending.  Maybe I've become too uptight but I don't think they're funny... I think they're inappropriate, rude and immature.  Comments like:
- Yeah, ladies, don't bring your husbands, that way we can hook up like we used to.
- Buy your tickets or we'll sacrifice your children.

8.  Not only has the FB reunion page ruined it for me, but so has FB in general.  FB has killed the need for reunions.  I know about everyone's life and I have easy access to messaging them.  I am not going to go to the reunion and be surprised that so and so married HIM, or that Fulanita is now a doctor.  We already know all of this... thanks to FB.

9.  There are only a handful of people I REALLY want to see anyway... and I know I don't need to pay that much money to get together with them.  I'd much rather get together with them individually or in a small group, save my money and not have to endure the stupidity that I have seen on the FB page.

10.  None of the people I REALLY want to see are going anyway.

So, if you wanted to see me, it wont be there.  I would LOVE to get together with anyone, but not under those circumstances.  Email me or FB me if you'd like to get together.