Seriously?! Thursday!

I'm linking up again this morning with a fab blog, From Mrs to Mama, for her weekly Seriously?! Thursday!  Go on over and check her out and the other linkies from today... I'm sure you'll be reading some great stuff!

Seriously?!  So, you remember when I wrote the post about my 10 year reunion?  Oh, well, it made the crap hit the fan.  The girl in charge of the reunion has officially BANNED me from the FB page... I'm no longer able to see it, read it or post on it.  I am disconnected from the event and anyone in our class because this girl thinks she is the goddess of our class... more like the tyrant!  Seriously!  It's seriously immature and a bit ridiculous.  I should be entitled to write WHATEVER I want on MY blog... and if she or anyone else doesn't like it, then feel free to make your OWN blog to write about me... I'd seriously be honored.

Seriously?!  Now that I have been black listed from my HS class, I feel almost like a revolutionary... fighting against "the man"... haha.  So, I have decided to put together a sort of getty for all the sane people who don't want to spend $80 a person... I'm looking into a venue that can hold us, but it's pretty much going to be "pay for your own stuff" type of thing.  Seriously, let me know if you'd like to join us!

Seriously?!  I've had a great time this week meeting up with old friends and getting together with their kiddos.  I met up with a friend from middle school on Monday, with her 2 boys.  Then on Tuesday with a good friend from college, her sister and their beautiful babes.  And now today I'm getting together with one of my best friends from high school.  It's seriously great to reconnect with lost friends!

Seriously?!  There is no active MOPS group in all of Miami!  Crazy, right?  The nearest one is in Miramar which is about 45 minutes away.  Forget it, I can't get both my kids ready, out of the house, fight traffic and be there by 9am... not gonna happen.  But there is one church down here that is considering starting a MOPS.  Looks like I'm going to have a hand in making that happen.  That is seriously weird... the way God works!  Like, I'm the only person in Miami who's recently been a part of a MOPS group, and I can help guide this group!  I'm seriously excited to get started and meet other Christian mommies!

Seriously?!  Marco's behavior has been out of control lately.  Way worse than it ever was in Greenville.  I don't know what the culprit is, but he's seriously going to recognize who's boss around here REAL soon.  No more Mrs. Nice Mommy!

Seriously?!  Marco is afraid of his toothbrush!  What the heck is that about?  It's a spin brush... and he's afraid of it.  Mind you, he's fearless... jumps into the pool, throws himself, doesn't cry when he falls, etc. But bring him a spin brush, and he runs out of the room... same with the hand held vacuum or my blow drier.  What a wimp! haha!

Seriously?!  Jonas will be ONE next month... my mind is officially blown!

Seriously?!  The sleeping situation in this house has progressively gotten worse, not better.  Last night went something like this:  11:30 Jonas starts crying.  11:35 back to sleep.  3:30 Marco comes into my bed.  4:00 we take him back to his room.  4:45 Jonas starts crying.  He stays in bed with us... hitting my face, pulling my hair, scratching my chest, climbing on top of me.  5:30 Marco is back in bed with us.  6:00 we take him back to his room.  8:30 Marco wakes up and our day begins.  Yeah, we seriously got some good sleep last night... WHAT THE HECK!!!


Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole....
Eu sei que não é facil...estou orando SEMPRE por voces!

jessi ♥ said...

WOAH, read the post on your HS reunion...what bull! I knew girls like that too. Your idea is totally rad, I hope everyone ditches that 80 dollar house party and instead goes to the thing you throw haha!