Potty Training: Days 2-3

Well, the last two days have been pretty much the same... almost stagnant.

One time he was trying to go... look of concentration in his face, but nothing would come.  He grabbed himself and screamed, "go! go!".  haha!

Yesterday he did poop twice in his underwear... but I've heard this is normal.  For some reason, poop takes longer to master than pee.  Ok.  But other than that, the only accident he had was while on time out.  Accident or manipulation?  I'm not sure.  

Today he's been telling us every time he has to go... but sometimes he's been going to the bathroom without telling us.  Normally this would be great, except that when he gets up on the toilet he doesn't scoot back enough and then pees all over the floor.  He has the right idea and good intentions... if only it'd make it into the toilet!

So I think he's "got it"... I think we're on our way.  I do not think potty training takes one day... maybe one day to understand the concept, but the practicing will take a while.  He did and is doing great, so I can't complain.  I'm super impressed... he JUST turned 2 for crying out loud!