Seriously?! Thursday!

Linking up again with From Mrs. to Mama for her weekly Seriously?! Thursday.  I had a great time reading all the other mama's posts last week and even found a few new blogs to follow!  Here we go:

Seriously?! Living at my mother-in-law's house is like being on vacation.  I haven't changed even half the amount of diapers I normally change.  She wakes up with my kids in the mornings and lets me sleep in.  She cooks delish dinners every night.  I'm getting so spoiled.

Seriously?!  What am I going to do when she goes back to work in 2 weeks?  Reality check!  (She's a high school teacher.)

Seriously?!  I'm just gonna put this out there and I know some of my readers may be tiffed by it.  I can't stand it when pregnant girls complain about being TOO pregnant.  It's like they hit 37 weeks and BAM they want the baby out NOW.  What is the rush?  The baby will come eventually...  it's not going to set up house in your uterus indefinitely.  Oh, you're uncomfortable?  Can't sleep?  Welcome to the next 18 years of your life!  It just annoys me because some of us, like me, couldn't hold onto our babies as much as we tried and ended up with premies... and others can't have babies at all... and here you are complaining about discomfort?!  Count your blessings!  You'll have your baby, and it'll be SUPER healthy, strong and perfect.  Seriously, BE PATIENT! 

Seriously?!  Again, going to put this out there... I hate it when people use a disability or condition as a crutch.  Be nice to me... don't bother me... watch out... I have whatever.  Ummm... GET OVER IT.  I have 2 disabilities and you don't hear me crying about it all the time.  Sure, I know my limitations, but I'm not gonna be crying about it all day every day.  Learn to live with it... and LIVE.  Seriously.

Seriously?!  We haven't had cable since we got engaged back in 2006.  We cut it off in an effort to save money for the wedding but never turned it back on. We got used to it.  But now, living in a house with cable is so different.  I seriously have no idea what to watch.  In fact, sometimes while I'm watching one thing I'm worried that I'm missing something better on another channel.  Too many options! 

Seriously?!  One advantage about living in Miami... FREE BABYSITTING!  I am seriously excited for our double date this Saturday with Jen and Tommy.  I don't even care where we go, so long as it's adults only.  
Seriously?!  The driving in Miami is IN-SANE.  It's like everyone here is an ego-maniac.  No one can wait 2.2 to let another person pass.  Why?  Because THEY are waaaaaay more important than YOU... and they're agenda is waaaaaaaay more impressive than yours.  Seriously, no common courtesy. 


Dana said...

I love the one about pregnant ladies! I agree, I loved the excitement of not knowing and I was enjoying my preggo time!

Sarah E. said...

Ooh you have an awesome MIL like me! She came down to visit after I had my first and would insist on taking him to feed him first thing in the morning and let me get sleep.

And to the pregnant woman thing: YES! I've been seeing it everywhere. I'm a day late, I need to be induced. Honey, that "due date" is an ESTIMATION between the average times a baby arrives naturally - 38 weeks to 42 weeks. It is NOT an eviction notice. It's completely normal and HEALTHY for you to go to 42 weeks. AND I abhor the women who ask for what will make labor start. Nothing short of medical induction is going to make you go into labor, your body knows what to do and will do it when it's ready.