Becoming A Nudist

Don't worry... not me!

Lately, Marco has been practicing taking off his clothes.  Unfortunately he does it at inapropriate times and places.  He'll put his hands in his pockets and start tugging and before I know it, pants are off.  Then comes the shirt.  Sometimes he gets stuck in his shirt... arms behind the head... and he comes to me yelling "I stuck... Mama, I stuck".

He's gotten so good at taking off his clothes, that I'll leave him for a few minutes and then when I turn around again, this is what I find:
Naked baby!  Yesterday I dressed him 5 times before we left the house... at 10:30am!  I kept telling him "PLEASE, don't take off your clothes"!  But he didn't listen.

As you can see from the picture, he's trying to take his diaper off too... which we've been trying to prevent.  Early yesterday, he couldn't do it... but by the afternoon he had it down.  We learned this in the most unpleasant way.  While Mauricio was cooking, Marco came up to him and said, "Papai, caca" and proceeded to HAND him his poop filled diaper... and then he ran off with a dirty (albiet, cute) butt!

Honestly, this is really a great thing.  I am happy he knows how to take his clothes off and I'll be even happier when he learns how to dress himself.  This tells me that A) We'll be allowing him to dress himself soon and B) He may be ready to potty train sooner rather than later.

Now we've just got to try and control this so he doesn't take his clothes off at public places... the mall, play-dates, church.  Wait, did I just say to control a toddler?  That's a total oxymoron... impossible.  But we'll do our best!