The dreaded 6 month weaning began yesterday.  Dreaded because I was hoping to be doing this after we celebrated Jonas' first birthday, but as you read in my previous post, that is not a possibility.  So, although it breaks my stinkin' heart, I have begun.

We went this weekend and bought Jonas a bottle.  I've heard wonderful things about this bottle... Breast Flow.  It's supposed to be perfect for exclusively breastfed babies because it emulates the breast so well.  It's weird because it has 2 nipples, but the outer nipple even feels a little boob-ish.  And, when you squeeze it, milk squirts out... you can actually milk the bottle.  Kinda funny... and fun!

Although we bought the bottle over the weekend, we couldn't begin until yesterday because the outer nipple was mysteriously missing.  Well, not so mysterious... Marco got a hold of the bottle and parts were EVERYWHERE.  I finally located all the pieces to this complex feeding tool and put it to use.

My feeding schedule is roughly:
9:00 am
12:00 noon with puree
4:00 pm
8:00 pm with puree
11:00 pm
4:00 am (or later if I pray really hard and Jesus loves me extra much)

So, I decided to start weaning with the 4 in the afternoon feeding.  For one, it's between meals, so it's sort of a snack.  Secondly, we're always home at this time because I work shortly thereafter, so I don't have to pack a bottle.  It's only been two days, and Jonas is taking the bottle super well.  I, on the other hand, feel like I'm going to explode by dinner time.  I know it'll only take a few more days to get regulated... and then it's time to switch over another feeding.

I think the next one I'll switch will be the 9am one.  I can give him a bottle while Marco is drinking his milk on the couch watching Super Why.  Plus, he'll be having breakfast (starting on Friday) too, so he should be good and full.

The only one I'm not going to switch over is the 4am... which I'm praying that by the time we get there, he'll be sleeping through the night... (Jesus, did you hear that?  Pleeeeeease.)  Because there is no way... NO WAY I am climbing down the stairs to prepare a bottle and actually feed it to him at that God forsaken hour.  I will continue to nurse in my sleep... forever and ever... amen.

For now, he'll be supplemented with my crazy freezer stash, and as we get to having more bottles and less boob each day, I'll begin to add... formula.  (ok, I know it's not poison, but it still bothers me and it's still not breast milk.)

He's also started eating his veggies... So far we've got Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans down.  On deck, we've got Bananas and after that some Butternut Squash.  We're gonna fatten this boy UP!


Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole!
That's right! you'll see how it goes fast! and he'll get fat! Marisa got 2 weeks!
As always ... I'm praying for you!
With love!