So, I know you've all seen this clip from Family Guy.  It's a classic, everyone loves it.  In the past week or so, this has become my life.

For months, I wished Marco would say "Mama".  I would tell him that he could get whatever he wanted if he just said "Mama"... cookies, ice-cream, sharp objects, anything.  I bargained and negotiated and nothing... for months.  Oh, but once he learned it, and realized it was used to get my attention, the name of the game changed.

It's the worst in the car.  Our conversations go like this:
"Yes, Marco"
"Bliba diba do balo"

"Yes, my love"
"Licka sta maggoo"
"Ok, Marco we're almost there"

:: ignoring::
:: ignoring::
"Yes, Marco, what is it?"
"Stima pla badooo"

And on and on and on it goes.  The WHOLE time we're in the car.  It doesn't matter if I'm on the phone, or talking to Mauricio, it's a constant desire to have Mama's attention.  And it's driving me BONKERS!

Honestly, I know it's super sweet.  And when he says "night night Mama" in his sweet voice, it melts my heart.  I just wish that after he got my attention, he'd really ask me something... not just babble nonsense. Although, I know I'm asking that now, but when I get it I'll probably be telling him to give the talking and questions a rest!

Ehh, I'll just tell him to talk to his brother... after all, that is why I had TWO babies!


Heloisa said...

hahaha ..... what a beautiful !!!!! there's nothing more delicious! Nicole enjoy! it will not be returning! then we get to miss you! Maria Julia also is starting to talk about things that only she understands how it is .... yummy!

Anna said...

Sorry Marco is driving you crazy...but that was hilariously put Nicole :) Sharp objects LOL

Rita said...

LMAO!!!!! and get ready because once he can talk he'll want to know "WHY?"!!! LOL!!!