Marco's First Haircut

Marco's hair has been a subject of argument in our house.  It's beautiful.  I love it.  But it was too long.  Mauricio didn't think so.  The fact that it was in his eyes and was like a rat's nest every morning didn't seem to matter.  Mauricio did not want him to get a haircut.  Actually, he didn't want him to GO get a haircut... because he wanted to give him a haircut.  I don't know when Mauricio went to cosmetology school, but he thinks that because he cuts his own hair, with clippers, that he can cut Marco's fresh never-seen-a-sheer- hair with ease.  I did not agree.

Luckily, this past weekend I had back up... HIS MOTHER!  Immediately she agreed that he needed a haircut and we agreed to take him on Saturday.  When Mauricio began protesting, I asked his mom, "do you go to a salon to get your haircut?" To which she replied, "yes".  Then I asked his dad the same question and again we got a "yes".  EVERYONE goes to a professional... well, everyone but Mau.  I mean, take a look at his hair... here he was last week.  Cute as a button, but the hair was just too long.

So we took him, against my husbands wishes, to the kiddie salon, called Jelly Beans.  The place is great for kids.  Toys, video games, cars, etc.  Marco immediately felt at home.  The best part is that for the 1st haircut, they only charge a penny... ONE CENT!  What?!  And they give a cute little certificate with a lock of hair attached.  It was very sweet.

First she attempted to wash his hair, but he wouldn't lay still, so instead she just wet it.  She sat him in the 4 wheeler, and he was good to go.

He did super well.  He didn't mind getting his hair cut at all.  The only time he fussed was when she was cutting his bangs.  He was too busy playing with the 4 wheeler, saying "beep beep, vrooom", and she was getting in his way!

Here's the final product.  I thought it was pretty good... until I got home and it settled.  Mauricio immediately didn't like it.  Said it looked silly.  Said he could have done a better job.  Said he looked nerdy...

Said it looked a little like... Dumb and Dumber.  Oh no!

And now that a few days have passed, maybe it's true?  But he needed a haircut... but why does it have to look awkward?  I want him to have a cute surfer look... not a bowl cut!  Eeek.  What do you think?