New Music Giveaway

I'm hooking you all up with ONE more giveaway this December, and it starts NOW!

Tavie Basarich is an awesome new talent living in Orlando, FL.  He's been pinned a "one-man-band" since he does everything solo.  He plays the drums, he plays piano, he plays the bass and he's a siiiiiiick guitar player.  When he plays live, it's a sight to see.  He uses pre-recorded hooks and tracks and does live loops to help accompany himself.  It's really cool.

He also writes the most catchy music you'll ever here.  I mean, when I listen to his tracks, I find myself singing his hooks repeatedly throughout the day... I call it "sticky music".  But it's all great.  He's got smart lyrics and fun melodies.  I honestly think he's one of the most talented musicians I know!

You can check out his first music video here:

Ok, now that you've seen that, you know what I mean.  (And PS, the girl in the video is my best friend, Adele... isn't she beautiful?!)  

Now for the details:
Enter to win a copy of Acoustic Pop artist, Tavie Basarich's debut EP, Love is a Choice, containing 5 new tracks.

(please leave a comment for each individual entry)

1.  Watch the video posted above and tell me what you liked about it.

2. Subscribe to Tavie's YouTube channel

3.  "Like" Tavie's FB artist's page

4.  Follow @TavieBasarich on Twitter.

Giveaway Ends on Sunday, December 11 at 11:59pm.  The winner will be posted on the morning of Monday, December 12.  

By entering to win, you're supporting new music and emerging artists.  Then one day you can say, "I knew of Tavie before he made it big"! 


Nicole said...
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Nicole said...
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Rita said...

ok I did it again, I posted under my own name and I like Tavies music ALOT!

Stephanie Doyle said...

I love his catchy lyrics, too! Such a great sound! :)