An Unlikely Superhero

God made a promise to His people that he was going to send them a messiah... someone to save them... a savior... a superhero. 

I'm pretty sure that people back then were thinking more along the lines of this:
The perfect picture of strength, boldness, fearlessness and grit.  He wins in the end. 

Nowadays, we picture saviors and superheros like this:
Untouchable and smokin' hot.  Batman does not lose.

But that's not what God had in mind when He envisioned a Savior for us.  Instead, He sent us this:
A little baby.  Born to a teenage mother.  

A baby was sent to save the world.  
A baby... the perfect picture of innocence, purity and goodness.  
How can a baby do anything?  Much less, save the entire world!  
A baby is the most unlikely superhero the world has ever known!
But isn't that something about the way God works.  He chooses something small and weak to make a big statement about who He is.  If God can make a BABY save us, what CAN'T He do?!  

Unlike a gladiator or Batman, that baby did lose the battle, in the eyes of this world.  

He lost his life so that we might live.  He gave it all for us.  This bloodied man is the perfect picture of sacrifice and love.  He lost, so that we can win.  

Today, make it a point to remember that a little baby was born into the world with only one purpose: 

To die. For you.