Steps to Success

You heard it here first... Jonas is almost a walker!

It all started on Friday.  He began taking a few steps at a time!  And thanks to our nifty new iPhone 4S's, we were able to catch and record it right away!

This is very rare footage.  Jonas' actual first steps ever.  Enjoy!

What was that? Two, maybe three steps?!  Success!!!

Since Friday, he's gotten more brave.  Now he can stand alone (when placed) and ranges between 7-10 steps at a time!  He still doesn't want to walk though.  He'd rather crawl... because it's faster, duh.

Now, Marco walked at 13 months and 7 days.  I thought that was genius, considering he was a one-month-premie.  But Jonas... my little champion... he walked at 14 months and 4 days!  Incredible for a two-month-premie, no?  And they say it takes up to two years for premies to catch up... pashaw... not MY premies! They're rolling and sitting and walking and talking with the rest of them.

Proud Mama, right here guys!

And here we go... a new phase.  Life with 2 under 2 is long gone.  Here comes life with 2 toddlers.  And I say, bring it on!