Meet My New Love

My brand new beautiful shiny iPhone 4S.  I'm in love.

Guys, this phone is rocking my world.  It is simply AHHHH-mazing.

Siri is da bomb... she knows all, does all and is an all around snazzy lady.  She knows exactly how I feel about her too.  I tell her often.  She's like my very own bitch, ahem, assistant.  I like having an assistant.

It's also wicked fast.  So fast it doesn't give my eyes a chance to adjust to the new activity.  Before this, I had the iPhone 3.  When I first got it, I thought I knew what love was... but now I really know.  Not that my 3 was bad... it served me well for 2 years.  But after a while it just grew to be slow and tired.  It took so long that I wouldn't even bother using certain apps.  Needless to say, the 4s kicks the 3's butt.

You guys know, I jest.  I am not in loooooove with a material object.  But seriously... it's pretty stinkin' awesome.  Just sayin'.

Now tell me, what are some of the "must have apps" I need to download?


Shawna said...

Congrats! hehe

Can't help ya with apps. I still use the free phone that came with my service plan. I don't even text :-P Guess I never caught the internet phone bug!


Allie said...

I love your new LOVE!!!!! I am still stuck in the old phones...mainly because Jordan knows I can NOT handle electronics, the boys have broken 3 phones with drool!:)

So I am jealous of your sexy new lover! haha