Thirty Things I'm Thankful For

Thirty?  Why thirty?  Mostly because of the rad alliteration in my title (yes, I'm a nerd), but also because there are 30 days in November.  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I'm thankful for:
1.   My beautiful complete family
2.   Gaining 15 pounds and still being a smokin' hott mama of two
3.   Starbucks Caramel Fraps
4.   My generous in-laws that have allowed us to live in their home rent free
5.   A united family, despite divorce
6.   Rheumatoid Arthritis medication that actually works
7.   Jonas' kind and loving spirit
8.   A warm winter... no snow here, suckas!
9.   Our sleep number bed
10.  My generous and supportive dad
11.  Netflix instant play
12.  Marco's fun-loving and crazy spirit
13.  A great church
14.  My best friend Adele, who lifts me up and holds me accountable
15.  Health insurance
16.  My bloggy friends
17.  Living closer to family
18.  My sexy man that's by my side no matter what
19.  MOPS
20.  My best friend Jen, who knows all my ups and downs and deep dark secrets
21.  Disposable diapers
22.  My amazing mom that gave me her car
23.  Good books
24.  Hot running water
25.  Healthy children
26.  Free cookies at Publix
27.  My best friend Carol, who let's me "mommy vent" and gets it
28.  Mauricio's new job
29.  Delicious Thanksgiving dinner
30.  Jesus' sacrifice for me


jess ♥ said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!