A Challenge

Ok guys... as in my male readers... this post is not for you.  Don't worry, you wont miss anything fun... I'll just be ranting for paragraphs about girl things, like periods, pre-natal vitamins and placentas.  Ew, gross, right?  Ok, now scoot.

And if you happen to be my husband, seriously, close this page right now.  Not even kidding, just do it.  For real.  NOW.

Ok, ladies, we should be alone now... and if we're not, this is your LAST chance!  Get!

I've decided to challenge myself.  I'm starting The Husband Project tomorrow.  What is The Husband Project?  Well, it's 21 days designed to bless your husband.  It's a challenge to go above and beyond your norm to give extra blessings to your man.  It probably wont be easy, but I hope it'll be fun.

In the book it says that it's for 21 days because it takes that long to make or break a habit.  And in this case, I'd be setting a very good habit into place.  I occasionally think of special sweet ways I can make Mauricio happy, but not consecutively... and not for 21 days in a row, that's for sure.

At first I decided to do this because I was hoping I'd also bring a change about in him.  He is wonderful, but he's not spontaneous and he never splurges on me... and sometimes I want to be spoiled.  He loves me in other ways, but sometimes I wish he was a little more romantic.  So, I thought, maybe if I showed him I could do it, he'd start trying too.

But then, in a matter of a second, God changed my heart about my motives.  My good friends were visiting us this weekend, and my friend pulled me aside and said, "Wow, Mauricio is such a gentleman... I wish my husband was a little more like that".  And it hit me.  Dang, I am soooo blessed already.  My husband has an AMAZING servant's heart.  He cooks, he cleans, he changes diapers.  He gives the kids baths and sometimes lets me sleep in.  He takes care of all the "man things" and even some of the "women things" too.  He's truly amazing.  And, shouldn't I try to go above and beyond for him?  Shouldn't I bless him to show him just how much I appreciate and love him?  Yes!  So, tomorrow I embark on this journey.

Although I wonder how he'll respond and react, I know that I'm doing this just as much for me as I am for him.  Sure, I want to bless him, but I also want to learn to be a more thoughtful and considerate wife.  Sometimes my marriage gets pushed to the second page, that happens with kids.  It'll be nice to make my marriage a top priority and put some real effort into it.
So for the next 21 days, I'll be doing sweet things to try and please my man.  Some of them are simple and silly, while some of them really stretch me out of my comfort zone.  

I'll recap the whole experience when I complete my project, but in the mean time, please keep me in prayer.  I'm sure I'll need it. haha. 


Callie Nicole said...

What a great thing to do - good for you! I'm going to have to check this out.