Excuses, Excuses

As a mom, you soon discover that your little angel babies are born disobedient creatures.  I think the whole, "you are born a sinner" doesn't truly set in until you see your own baby actually sinning.  It's stunning... and shocking.  It's innate... it's in each of us.  But, inevitably there comes the day when your baby, probably less than 1 year old, decides to deliberately disobey you.  "Don't touch that", and they go for it anyway.  And you KNOW they know what you told them.

Well, as they age, it only gets worse.  And I've only got a taste of it... I can't even imagine how it'll be when I've got 2 teenage boys on my hands.  Oy.  Right now I have an extremely strong willed 2 year old on my hands.  He knows what he wants and he will manipulate however he can to get his way.  It's amazing to me that they don't need to be taught how to do these things... they just know.

Marco loves to give me excuses for everything I ask him to do... from the simplest to the most complex request, he has an excuse as to why he can not or rather, WILL not do it.  The problem is, in his 2 year old mind, he can only hold 2 excuses and they don't always make sense given the situation.  His go-to excuses are:
"It's too hot" or "It's too hard".  And "hard" as in texture, not difficulty.

Some of our conversations go like this:
"Marco, take off your pull up and go pee pee in the toilet"
"No, Mama, it's too hot".
"Marco, it's not hot in the toilet".

"Marco, eat your sandwich"
"But it's too hot".
"It's peanut butter... it's not hot!"

"Marco, wanna listen to music?"
"No, it's too hard".
"I won't put it loud".

"Sit down"
"No, it's too hoooooootttt".
"It's too hot to sit down?"
"No, do it!"

What?!  None of this even makes sense... ok, only the one about music makes sense... but still.  It's shocking that I have to deal with excuses from a 2 year old!  Excuses, excuses.

And it's hard not to laugh, because he still has that whole cute factor going on.  Little stinker gets away with things for being cute!

For the record, that is not a headband... it's one of those sweat bands to complete his "sporty look".  FYI


Heloisa said...

Ele é lindo demais!!!!!! AMO!

Rita said...

That "Little Stinker" really is Cute!! and BIG!! Holy Cow, he looks like he's grown A LOT in the last 2 weeks. God Bless You ALL!!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

HAHAH Vincent pulls the "its too hot" card too!!! They are a handful! lol Gotta love it though! That sweatband is cracking me up...TOO CUTE!!

Mrs. Mommy said...

Haha, kids are so funny! He's adorable with his sweat band. I'm constantly telling Kyla "No" and she seriously looks at me smiles and then does whatever it is again. She's only 10 months. It's not supposed to start this early!