Twilight Love

Last night, my BFF Carol and two other friends joined all the other teenage crazies in Miami to watch Breaking Dawn.  This was actually the first time I didn't go to a midnight showing on opening night... but that's ok.

Yeah, I love Twilight... and I'm not even a little bit embarrassed about it.  In fact, I'm proud... yeah, so what?!  I am team Edward ALLLLLLL the way.  In my mind, there was never ever a comparison between Jacob and Edward.  There was never any competition.  It's always been Edward.

Let me be clear though, I'm talking about Edward... not Robert Patterson.  Although I think Patterson does a good job as Edward, he still pales in comparison to the literary Edward.  The literary Edward is a dream.

So, the movie... it wasn't my favorite.  It was rather slow and "girly", if you will.  It had a lot of internalizing moments... where the camera stays still on a character who is pensive and there's some indi music playing in the background.  Now if you've read the books, you know that at these moments the character is having an internal monologue... like thinking to themselves, but on the big screen, it loses it's effect.  There was also a lot of cheese.  Like a whole scene where the wolves are talking to each other... which wouldn't be so bad, but they also growl at each other.  But it's not a wolf sound effect growl, it's like as if you or I imitated a growl.  LAME.  And there was also a part that showed the inside of Bella's body that reminded me too much of one of those bad 80's movies where the machine is shrunk and travels through someone's blood and organs and vessels.  Just cheesy, ya know?

But that said, it's still Twilight.  The books make it all worth it.  I'll take all the cheese, because I know that the books are fantastic and I'm a BOOK fan, not movie fan.  I think that if you did not read the books, you'll be confused and miss out on so much underlying information, layers and details.  Like since I've read them, I know what a certain look means or what the characters are thinking during those pensive moments.  If you didn't, then you'd be a little lost.  My 2 other friends that joined us did not read the books prior, and we were explaining the subtleties to them.

I know that some people will refuse to read Twilight just because it's too popular or too much of a craze.  I think that's CRAZY!  It's popular for a reason!  It's dang good stuff!  That's like saying you wont eat pizza because too many people like it... think of what you'll be missing!  Even if you've watched all the movies, you can still pick up the books and be surprised.  You know, there's only so much detail they can put into a movie!

But, if you've decided that you're just too over it... can't imagine picking up Twilight and reading from the beginning, then I urge you to go for another book.  The Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games is going to be the next huge sensation.  It's already huge in the literary world, but with the movie coming out in March, it's about to get nuts!  What I love about The Hunger Games is that it's not a love story.  The love story is secondary.  Secondary to the plot that's filled with action.  Katniss is the main character and she is BAD ASS!  She is one tough girl... pretty much opposite of Bella.  She's confident and strong and bold and beautiful.  In the Hunger Games, I am team Katniss ALLLLLL the way!  Check out the trailer below and GO READ THE BOOKS!


Shawna Borman said...

Hey I'm glad to hear someone else my age still enjoys the series. I saw the first movie after agreeing to go with a group of friends and having only a vague idea of what it was about. I actually didn't like it until a few days after I'd seen it and then even more after I read the series. I don't know that I'll get to see BD in the theater cause I don't exactly have a bestie to go with with but I'm sure Ben will suffer through it at home with me later.Ha!

Jamie said...

I keep hearing about the Hunger Games. Maybe I should give it a try.