What the Future Holds

We all do it.  Dream about our kids' futures?  Imagine what they will be like... who they will become?  What they will look like?  We dream about a few months from now... how will they be different?  In a few years, what struggles will we be facing?  In more than a few years, what kind of adults will they make?  It's inevitable and we can't stop imagining it.

Will they be athletic or musical?  Will they be a socialite or a homebody?  Will they be straight as a line or troublemakers?  We have no idea, but we can't wait to find out.

Mauricio and I always talk and laugh, imagining scenarios that our boys are likely to get into.  Just based on their current personalities and temperaments, we predict that Jonas will be a softy, while Marco will be more outspoken and tough.

Now, Jonas is our snuggler.  He's sweet, cuddly and sensitive.  He's afraid of things and cries because he gets his feeling hurt.  Marco is so different.  Marco doesn't have time to snuggle.  He is too busy running here and there and playing to stop for smooches.  Marco doesn't get his feelings hurt often... he's tough.  He gets hurt and he shakes it off.  He'll play with and talk to anyone that's a "friend" (which is anyone under 4 feet).

Yesterday, while having dinner, Mauricio said, "Jonas is going to steal all the girls away from Marco because he'll be the strong, sensitive guy and he's so good looking".  (Apparently, Mauricio thinks Jonas is a looker... and I don't disagree).  But I said, "Hey, Marco's good looking too!"  I was a bit offended.  I mean, really, have you seen Marco?  He's a beautiful boy!  And not just because he's my son and I'm biased, although I totally am!

Back to our conversation... He said, "Yeah, but not like Jonas... Marco's gonna be the big funny guy".  WHAT?!  Again, I was offended.  Big and funny?  When I think "big and funny" I think Kevin James (King of Queens).  Now that guy is Big AND Funny.  So, Mauricio had to backtrack a bit and say, "no, not BIG big, just like tall and bulky... and funny".  Whatever.  Then he recanted his entire statement and said, "Well, maybe Jonas wont steal all the girls because nice guys finish last".  Oh geez, he was on a roll!

But honestly, when I imagine how they'll be... I see them like peas in a pod.  Yeah, Marco will be older and the "big brother"... he'll be 2 years ahead in school... but he'll also keep track of Jonas and be sure that Jonas is taken care of.  Jonas' temperament is softer than Marco's, and I think Marco will protect Jonas.  I see Marco saying, "Hey!  That's my brother! Leave him alone!"

Either way... if they're jocks or music nerds... social butterflies or hermits... we'll raise them up to be a pair, love each other and have each other's backs.  After all, if you can't count on your brother, then who can you count on?

No one knows what the future truly holds, so for that, we'll just have to wait and see!


Callie Nicole said...

I liked reading this, Nicole. It's so fun to see Wyatt's personality develop as he grows, I do wonder what he'll be like when he grows up!

Bee said...

I agree, I love to try and picture my daughter in five, ten, twenty years. She's an awesome mix of tomboy and girly-girl, so it will be interesting to see how she grows!

Jamie said...

I wonder about my daughter too. Who SHE is going to be- not who I want her to be. So fun.