Starbucks Etiquette

I'm a bit of a Starbucks junky.  I force myself to only go twice a week... but sometimes I can't help going three.  When it's not a Starbucks day, I take alternate routes or look the other way when passing one, to reduce temptation.  I'm not worried about the calories, but I am worried about my bank account.

I have my two favorite drinks... and I rarely deviate from them.  In the summers it's a Caramel Frap and in the winters it's a Carmel Macchiato.  I loved this in Greenville, because since you can feel the seasons changing, the different drinks actually warm you up or cool you down when you need it the most.  Here in Miami, it's always summer, so I sweat through my Macchiato in the winters... but it's still worth it.

I pride myself in being a loyal Starbucks customer.  I have the app.  I know the menu.  I am "with it".  So today I was stunned by a Starbucks faux pas committed by my mother while on the phone with me.  She pulled up to the drive thru and said, "A Pikes Place- Venti".  Ummmm... see the problem here?

I told her she wasn't using her Starbucks Etiquette and didn't understand.  I then told her that in Starbucks, you're supposed to order in a certain order... first size, then specialty, then drink.  Like a Tall Caramel Frap, or a Grande Mocha Latte... Size-Specialty-Drink.  So, her order would be a Venti Pikes Place.  She laughed at me and told me I wads being silly... there is no such thing as "Starbucks etiquette".  So when she pulled up to the window, she told the barista about our conversation.  She said, "My daughter says I'm not using proper Starbucks etiquette because I didn't say the size first".  She thought I was wrong... she thought the barista was going to laugh with her AT ME!

But the barista looked at her and with all seriousness said, "yeah, she's right... you say the size first so we can grab the cup and write your order as you're still saying it".


You know, I have a sickness.  To me, everything feels right in the world when I'm right.  What is that?

So, my mom learned two very valuable lessons today:
1.  How to properly place your order at Starbucks
2.  Not to doubt her daughter... ever.


Shawna said...

I'm pretty sure I do it wrong---I guess I learned something today! :-)


Callie Nicole said...

Ha! This is funny. Most of the time I order right, fortunately! but now I'll pay special attention. :-)