2 Boys in a Movie Theatre

Did you know that Regal Theaters did $1 movies every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer?  Pretty awesome, right?! (here's a link to check out their schedule)

I've known about that for a few years now and I've always wanted to go, but never have.  My first summer as a mom, Marco was a newborn.  My second summer as a mom, Marco was a non-stop 1 year old... too young and too crazy.  My third summer as a mom, Marco was ok, but Jonas was still too young and me alone with two babies... thanks but NO thanks.  My fourth summer as a mom... this summer... this was going to be MY year... I was going to give it a shot!

And I did.

My mother-in-law and I decided that we could make this work... two adults, two kids... man to man defense.  We could do this.  So we went this morning and were shocked to find that this wasn't a "best kept secret"... the theatre was packed.  The line went down all the rows, down the steps and into the mall area!  We waited anyway... I mean, it's only $1, right?!

Marco is really into movies and can easily sit through an entire one... if it's the right one.  Jonas' attention varies... he can watch about 30 minutes of the right movie, but if there are snacks, he can go for longer.

Unfortunately, we didn't see the right movie.

This is the movie we saw:

It was not funny, not captivating and not colorful.  It was beautiful... for adults.  But it just didn't hold my children's attention.  In fact, the first half hour was so dark and scary that it turned them off from the start.  The topic is very serious as well.  Not a good choice for our first ever movie experience.

Within 15 minutes, Jonas started wiggle worming and yelling out "MAMA!" in a packed movie theatre.  So I decided to step outside with him in an attempt to buy a snack.  They had given me a coupon for a $2 popcorn, but once I got down the register, I realized I had left it in my purse... at my seat.  So we went back up.  Once there, I find Marco standing and sitting and standing and sitting.  Then when my mother-in-law got up to go get the popcorn (2nd attempt), both kids jumped up to go with her.  Only 45 minutes into it and we were done.  

So we left.  But hey, 45 minutes for $3 is STILL a good deal!

We took advantage of being at the mall and went to the free kids play area for about an hour to allow them to release their pent up energy.  Whew.

My BIG summer movie going plans were short lived.  Maybe next year will be my year.  Maybe next year both my boys will be ready to sit still and pay attention.  And maybe next year, I'll choose our movie a little more wisely.  

We will be venturing to the movies one more time this summer to watch Rio... but this time, without Jonas.