A Pirate Pool PARRRRty

On Saturday we celebrated Marco's 3rd birthday.  (His birthday isn't until the 20th.)  We had the party at our house (in-laws' house) and invited all our family, family friends and playmate friends... all in all, about 50 people!  We had such an amazing time, celebrating with all our loved ones!  This was the first year that Marco actually grasped the concept of a "Birthday party" and he was over-the-moon excited about it.  He kept on saying, "is THIS my party?!"... sweet boy.

 Personalized baggies for each child with eye patch, gold coins, bandanas, bracelets and beaded necklaces.

 Dad is busy on the grill!

 Can't forget the sunscreen! 

Delicious fruit skewers!  So refreshing!

 Lunch is served!

 Cake and cupcakes by Cupcake Boutique in Miami.  So cute and yummy!

 Jonas singing, "Haaaaa..."

 Make a wish!

A few funny stories about the party:
The eye patch.  Every time I would tell a child to go get their eye patch, an adult would question me as to what I was talking about... apparently, they were all thinking I was saying an iPatch... the latest Apple product!  They wanted to know what it was and where they could get one!  Obsessed much?

Marco... POLO!  Ok, so obviously we KNEW that if we named our child "Marco", we would encounter the Marco Polo game.  We know it, we're ok with it.  But Marco doesn't know it.  So, naturally, at a pool party, it was an inevitability that some of the older children would begin the game.  Poor Marco... every time one of the boys would yell "MARCO", my Marco would turn and say, "WHAT?!  I'm right HERE!"  he would chase them around the pool, trying to see what they wanted... this happened for about 15 minutes!  Finally, in between laughs, I tole him that they weren't talking to him and tried to distract him from the calls.

Overall, wee had a wonderful party... we were so blessed to have everyone surround us with so much love for our son.  He's so excited to be THREE!!!  We can't be prouder of our BIG boy!


Danielle-Marie said...

Great job on the party Mama. And Happy Belated birthday to the big boy!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, I LOVE what you did with the decorations, Nicole! The fish net on the wall is so creative too. :-) It looks like it was such a fun party!

Poor Marco, about the Marco Polo game - I chuckled. That was so cute. He is looking so grown-up in that last picture!

Sloanesmom said...

What a great time! I cannot believe how blonde Jonas has become! Congrats on your paarrrty success!