Today, I've officially been on this journey for three years.  Today, I've had the pleasure of knowing my son for three whole years.  Today, I've been blessed beyond measure for three years... and counting.

On June 20, 2009, God blessed us with our first beautiful baby boy, Marco.  Although he was early and not quite ready, he was healthy and strong.

While I teach him every day about the world around him... about the friendship and respect, about the animals and creation, about the alphabet and numbers, about God and His Son.  He also teaches me... about patience and kindness, about gentleness and trust, about unconditional love.

I am overwhelmed by the fact that the Lord has entrusted this precious child into my hands.  When I look at his face, I can't believe how utterly beautiful he is and that he is mine!

He is funny and silly, but sweet as well.  He's very busy playing and often does not have time to stop and cuddle, but when he does, it's great!  He's proud to be a big boy and even prouder to be a big brother to his "best friend, Jonas".

He still loves chocolate cookies more than any other food, but wont turn down anything cheese related either... cheese sandwich, mac-n-cheese, cheese stick, cheese pizza, cheese quesadilla and he refuses to drink milk because "that's for babies".
He knows all his numbers to 20, although he usually skips 14 and 15, and he knows his ABC's and can identify every letter and knows most of the letter sounds as well!  He loves doing "homework", although he doesn't enjoy coloring.

He loves music class and can sing more songs than I can count!  He is definitely musically inclined!

He loves to make friends everywhere he goes, and he'll play with anyone at any time!  He's not shy... he'll tell you his life story if only he knew it!

He's my BIG boy... and today, he turns THREE!

 If you're interested in reading his birth story and seeing his baby pictures, click HERE to read his birthday post from when he turned one! 


Callie Nicole said...

This is so sweet! Happy birthday to Marco!

Danielle-Marie said...

A very happy birthday to your perfect little boy! He shares a birthday with my brother :)

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Marco! How cool that his special day is also the longest one of the year!! The party looked awesome, too - great job, mama!

Anonymous said...

Marco querido,
Vou escrever em portugues, pois essa lingua tambem pertence a voce, assim como esse país tão distante, o Brasil que é seu país também, eu (tia Helô), tio Marcos, bisavós Deo e Antonita, Marcelo, Marisa, Renata e Maria Julia, todos nós te amamos e somos sua familia daqui de longe! e você sempre poderá contar conosco!
Nós te amamos!
Feliz aniversário!