Here are a few things that have PINspired me lately...

1.  Cookies in a Jar

Source: via Marta on Pinterest

I made 4 of these for the childcare workers at the Bible Study I attended this year.  They were so sweet and loving towards my boys all year long, I had to do something sweet for them as a thank you!  Mine didn't come out as cute as the Pinterest version, but I loved them anyway.  They were a little hard to make, and I was sweating that it wouldn't all fit.  By the time I had put in all the chocolate, there was barely any room left.  But thank goodness for brown sugar!  I was able to pound it down real good and make room for the rest.  It's a sweet and inexpensive way to surprise someone special... and from what I heard, the cookies are delish!

2.  Ranch Chicken

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I made these this week for dinner.  It was good, although not as "ranchy" as I would have liked.  I also used the pre-crushed corn flakes instead of crushing them myself.  Since I made a large portion, maybe I should have doubled the ranch.  I will definitely be doing this again.  Quick and easy!

3.  Toilet Cleaner

One known thing about me?  I'm a horrible housewife.  I never clean.  I desperately need a house maid and I've begged Mauricio for one countless times.  (I'm still fighting the good fight).  So, when I saw this post, I decided I had to try it.  Ummm, just dump some baking soda in a toilet, leave it for an hour and flush?!  No wiping?  No scrubbing?  No toilet water all over you?  I had to see if it was true.  And... it didn't work.  I mean, it looked a little cleaner, but not a lot.  Maybe my toilet was beyond the point of no scrubbing... maybe this is a good trick for maintaining cleanliness between scrubbing.  Maybe I need to get to work... maybe.
I'm thinking about making my PINspired series into a monthly link-up.  You would post about all the Pinterest ideas that you have accomplished in that month... whether one or ten, you can link up!  Hopefully it will inspire you to actually DO some of the things you pin... then you can show them off here!  If you LIKE this idea and would be interested in linking up, PLEASE comment here.  I'll only do it if I have some people to join me!  We could do it on the last day of the month, to recap that said month.  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Feedback please!!!


Danielle-Marie said...

I'll participate in the monthly link up for sure.

Bummer that the easy toilet cleaning solution wasn't much of a solution LOL.

Mrs. Fij said...

I'll link up! I love Pinterest and have tried quite a few projects successful and some not quite so successfully!

Callie Nicole said...

I think a link-up would be fun! Good idea.