Spilling the Beans

So I've been in a bit of a blogging funk lately.  Mostly because we have a busy month ahead, but nothing has come to fruition yet, so I have nothing to talk about just yet.  But I'm gonna spill some beans here... ready?

I decided to link-up with Mama Kat's writing prompts today.  Here you go!

4. Are you on Instagram? Glance at your photos from last week, choose one, and share the back story.
Here's a picture of the house we're trying to buy!!!  We finally found one!

It's an older house, built in 1957, but it has had some minor upgrades done to it and it sits on 18,000 square feet of land!  In Miami, that's unheard of!  It's a 3/2 with a screened in pool and yard with 3 huge mango trees.  It's in an amazing neighborhood with outstanding schools.  We are in LOVE with it.

Of course, there are more upgrades we'd like to give to it little by little.  First things first, we have to paint that exterior (am I right?!).  We'd like to change out the appliances, put in a new garage door, change out the carpet in the boys room, change the front door, change door handles.  Then down the years, we'll do more like install hardwoods.

This neighborhood was our top choice, but every available house within it was at least $300K over budget.  Yes, it's an expensive area.  Then this one came up.  It's almost at the top of our budget but still doable.  It's a short sale.  We put in an offer, even though we didn't think we'd get it in a million years, but you never know till you try.  Within 3 days the seller had accepted our offer!!!

So we had the inspection done and although the house is in excellent condition for an aged home, it needs one major repair... the roof!  Luckily there are no termites or mold, so the only real damage is the roof, which is 30 years old... duh.

Basically, where we're at is calling a roofer to come out and give us an estimate.  If installing a roof will put us over budget then we're going to have to back out.  We'll know by tomorrow.

If it's all a go, then we just have to wait for the bank to accept and close!  We know it's a long shot and we're praying that if this is where God wants us to be... if it's what's best for our family, that it'll be clear to us and a smooth process.  Your prayers would be appreciated too!


Shawna said...

Yay....so cute!!! When we bought our first house the inspection showed it needed a new roof too...such a bummer :-( Hopefully it doesn't keep you from getting it!! We were able to negotiate with our sellers and have them pay half of the roof, but since yours is a short sale you probably can't do that.

Classic NYer said...

What's wrong with the exterior? It's a pretty color... unless you just don't like yellow?

Visiting from Mama Kat's. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

How exciting! Oh, I hope you get it, it sounds great!

Rachel said...

Such an exciting time...finding the perfect home! Will send out a prayer that the roofing is reasonable!! :) Visiting from Mama Kat's...

Danielle-Marie said...

Ohmigosh, super exciting! Crossing all of my crossables for you that it all works out as planned!

kaye said...

good luck! kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Katrin said...

Good luck! I hope you will get it!