IKEA: Worth the Trip, Every Time

Today we took a family day trip... to IKEA.  There isn't an IKEA in Greenville, so we have to drive to the nearest city that does have one, which is Charlotte, NC.  So is it worth it?  Driving an hour and a half with two kids, even crossing a state line, just to go to a furniture store?  Ab-so-lutely.  Every time.  (And how DARE you call it a "furniture store", hypothetical questioner?!) 

When we first got married, we did not know the joy that is IKEA.  But then, one was built in Orlando.  We LOVED it.  I'm talking, we were there most weekends... sometimes we'd just go to eat.  But when we moved to Greenville, the nearest IKEA was in Atlanta... and that's two and a half hours away.  That is, until they opened one in Charlotte... and we were there on opening day!  (That was a total coincidence, but still cool).

Since living in Greenville, we've made the drive up to Charlotte, specifically to go to IKEA, 3 times.  Once when I was pregnant with Marco, another time with Marco and now today, with both kids in tow.

If you've never been, (what's wrong with you?) you totally need to go.  First off, it's massive.  Think, the size of two Walmart's stacked on top of each other. (Though it pains me to compare IKEA to Walmart).  If you have kids that are potty trained, they have FREE child care.  I look forward to the day!  Then you go up to the showroom and it's kinda maze-like... maze-like of awesomeness.  They have everything set up comfortably and beautifully and you WILL want EVERYTHING.

Then at the end of the showroom, they have a restaurant!  And everything is cheap and delish!  But if you choose to eat at the end, they have a little concession stand and you can get 2 hot dogs, chips, and a soda for $2!  Unbelievable!

They had a baby changing room, that we were all able to go in and change diaper after diaper, as a family.  It was a special moment.  AND, if you happen to run out of diapers, guess what?  They have extras there for you... for free.  Awesome?  Yes!

Then, after you've stuffed your face with Swedish meatballs, you head downstairs to the warehouse.  This is where you pick up all the knick knacks you drooled over while upstairs.  This part always takes us the longest.  It's hard deciding between this and that, when they're both cool.

When you come to our house, you can tell we love IKEA.  Not everything is from there, but a good amount is.  We've got:  Our bedroom furniture (Hemnes), 2 Poang chairs, a Tulsta chair, a desk chair, and the Expedit bookcase (the BIG one).  That's just furniture... we've also got a bunch of lamps and other stuff.

Today, although we didn't buy any furniture, we didn't come home empty handed.  We bought:  a hooded poncho towel (for Marco), straws, a clock, a wooden spoon, a canister, a cheese grater, tongs, 4 spotlights, and a small patio table with 2 chairs.

3 hours of driving, 4 hours in the store, 2 kids in a stroller, 4 lunches, 2 diaper changes, 3 temper tantrums, 15 items = 1 fun day at IKEA.  Worth the trip, every time!


Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole
How cool this store!!
Cash in October I and my parents will spend eight days at Disneyworld and seven days in Miami, I'd like to visit IKEA, there are these shops in the city ?????? I'd love to see you guys too ..... who knows eh? ... For with God nothing is impossible!
A big kiss