Seriously?! Thursday!

I decided to link up with From Mrs to Mama for her weekly segment of Seriously?! Thursday.  I've been reading her blog and a few others that are linked to hers for over a week now, and I'm really enjoying it... so check it out.  She's sort of famous (or at least more than me) on the blogisphere and I'm kinda jealous!  This is only the second blog link up I've done, but it seems like a fun way to share.

So here we go...

Seriously?! What is up with Jonas still not sleeping through the night?  Seriously, he's 10 months old.  Even considering the premie curve, he'd be 8 months which is still plenty of time for him to be sleeping through the night already.  I'm getting awfully tired of dealing with 2 am wake up calls.  Last night was a free for all and we were ALL awake from 2:30-4.  Seriously ridiculous.

Seriously?!  I have a confession to make... I like Yo Gabba Gabba.  At first, I found it to be terribly annoying, with the songs that stick like glue.  But little by little I found it to be clever and charming... with a hipster flare to it.  Now I find myself singing, "clean it up, clean it up" or "hands to yourself, keep your hands to yourself"... not just to Marco, but also while I'm alone.  Yeah, I'm hanging my head in shame.

Seriously?!  We're due to leave on Sunday and we still have SO MUCH packing left to do.  And, seriously, I have NO desire to do it!  In fact, I only packed ONE box yesterday... and I patted myself on the back for it.  Mauricio has me totally spoiled.  I seriously need a reality check. 

Seriously?!  Are all my blog posts going to be me yapping from now on?  I know, I haven't given you, my faithful followers, even a taste of the cuteness I experience on a minute-by-minute basis.  And, I promise I'll be more diligent about posting pictures.  But lately, every time I pull out the camera or phone, Marco tries to take control, which always leads to blurry movements or ugly cry face pictures.  I'll do my best... pinky promise! 

That's all I got for y'all today.  I'm really gonna have to tone down the "y'all" when I move to Miami.  Bloggers, go and link up today to share all your Seriously?! moments.   

The Only Lonely SAHM

Yesterday I wrote a whole post about my doubts and trusting in the Lord to guide us.  Well, this one is my largest doubt/fear.  I fear that I am going to be the only SAHM in Miami and thus be very lonely.  Sure, my weekends will be fun filled with family gatherings, parties and more food than I can stuff my face with, but what will my Monday-Friday 8-5 look like?

Living in Greenville has given me the opportunity to meet SO many SAHM's... it's ridiculous.  Actually, there are probably more SAHM's than working moms.  It's just the culture here.  Life here is also catered to SAHM's.  There are tons of clubs, groups, meet ups, parks, festivals, classes, etc that are all geared towards small children and their moms.  I always had tons to do during the work week, but my weekends were sparse.

In Miami, things are very different.  For one, the cost of living is so high that typically both parents NEED to work just to pay off their rent or mortgage.  Also, it is in Miami fashion to bite off more than you can chew, thus leaving no other choice but to have to work.  For example, newlyweds will usually buy a house and new cars thinking of both salaries combined... when baby comes along, they realize they can't lose that other salary and maintain their lifestyle.  So, they get Abuelita to help out with the baby while mom goes back to work.  This isn't always the case, but it is a lot... did I piss anyone off right now?  Oh well.  I hope I don't have to one day eat those words, but it's important for me to stay home with my kids and it's worth the sacrifice.  We do not live a lavish lifestyle... for cryin' out loud, I still drive the same car I did while in High School, mmm-ok?

But, I digress... my point is that there are few SAHM's in Miami.  My sister-in-law Christy confirmed this the other day.  She flat out told me I was going to have a hard time finding things to do during the day and people to hang out with.  Then I started thinking about it... I have a bunch of friends that have kids... but they all work.  I don't think I know ANY SAHM's in Miami.  Oh Jeez!

Maybe the only women in Miami that can afford to be SAHM's are married to doctors.  And if you are and you're reading this... you're new BFF awaits.  Seriously, especially if you wanna fly me to Paris (like in Bridesmaids).  I'm totally kidding... maybe... call me. 

So I started to do a little research.  First thing I did was try to find a local MOPS group.  I was a member here for 2 years and it was a great way to meet local SAHM's that are Christian.  Well, just to give you an example... in Greenville, there are over 5 groups to choose from.  In Miami, there is 1... ONE... UNO... that's it.  Then there's one in Miramar... one in Ft. Lauderdale... one in Boca... one in West Palm.  These are majorly big cities and they only have ONE group?!  It leads me to believe one of two things: a) There just isn't a need because there aren't many SAHM's or b) There just isn't a need because there aren't many Christians.  Oh goodness, I hope it isn't the latter.

I then went to to see if I could find a group that did play dates here and there.  I find a "Fabulous Moms Group" that meets up for mani/pedi's and cocktails... that's not what I'm looking for.  Then there's a "Lose the Baby-weight Group"... also not interested.  Then, this one I thought was funny, "Liberal Parents of Little Kids"... it literally says, "Obama-voting, and intellectually driven", you know because if you didn't vote for Obama you're a dumb@ss (not that I care even a little bit about politics, but still... seriously, how is that a kids group?).  But that still wasn't my favorite... this was, "FLASH- Florida Atheist and Secular Humanist Parents" with a picture that reads "Being a good person doesn't require God... don't believe in God? You're not alone".  Ho-Ly-Cow.  Toto, we're not in the Bible Belt anymore.

I have contacted the MOPS group in Miramar and will be joining them in September and I will continue to look at and try out a few of the less fabulous, more kid-loving groups.  Hopefully I wont be the only lonely SAHM in Miami.  I've gotta find a mommy posse.

But in all seriousness, if you're reading this and you ARE a SAHM in Miami (even if you're not married to a doctor and willing to fly me to Paris), please let me know.  You can FB me or email me at

Opened Doors

Whenever I've had a big decision to make, my prayer has always been the same: God, if it's for me and if it's the best thing for me, make it happen.  If it isn't, then close that door and don't even allow it to be an option.  I have never prayed for God to make something specific happen, because I truly believe with all my heart that His plans are far greater than any of our plans.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

Before I graduated from college, I was toying with the idea of heading off to grad school in New York to pursue my opera career.  I had an audition (round 2) at the Manhattan School of Music.  Very prestigious.  But I had been in this really great relationship for about a year and I knew in my heart of hearts that if I moved, that relationship would fall apart.  I begged God to show me which door to walk through.  When I stepped off the plane in NYC for my audition, the cold air hit me square in the face and within an hour of arriving I had completely lost my voice.  How was I supposed to have an opera audition with no voice?  This was a CLEAR message from God that NYC was not the place for me.  And I'm so happy I listened to him and walked through that door... that boy I was dating became my husband, my best friend and the father to my children.

When I was a recent college grad, I had another decision to make.  I could stay in Miami and get a job or try to move to Orlando.  Mauricio had just decided to attend school in Orlando, and again I feared that a long distance relationship would be detrimental.  But I couldn't just go to Orlando and live with nothing to do... I had to find a job.  I gave myself 3 days.  I told myself that God was the ultimate provider and if I was meant to live in Orlando and follow Mauricio, that He would make it happen.  I went to Orlando for 3 days to try and find a job... if I didn't succeed then that was God closing that door.  I went and received 3 job offers in that time and decided to take one.  I packed up my bags and moved to Orlando, trusting completely that it was in God's will for me.  And I'm so happy I did... my relationship grew in strength, I met some wonderful people who are still my closest friends, and I rededicated my life to Jesus and began to act like the Christian I always claimed to be.  I fell in love with Jesus in Orlando.

When Mau and I had been married for a year, we began having that baby itch.  But, with Mau out of work, it was impossible to start a family.  Then one day out of the blue, Carol called and told Mau that her husbands company was hiring and would put in a good word for him.  Only problem was that the job was in Greenville, SC.  Well, we had to trust the Lord and walk through the doors that He opened.  We knew we wanted babies, and if moving the Greenville was the only way to get them, then we'd move.  And we did.  Do you know, the SAME day Mauricio started working in Greenville I got a positive pregnancy test!  I was pregnant with Marco.  That's God!  And I'm so happy we listened and moved to Greenville... I was able to stay home and take care of my baby, and then God blessed us with a second baby!

Now, since we moved to Greenville, our family has been whining and complaining about how far we live.  And I know, it is far.  So, since coming here, our prayer has been the same... lead us where we should go.  For two and a half years we heard nothing.  But now we have.  God opened up this door for us to be able to move back to Miami.

I have all these doubts and worries about moving back.  What will my life look like?  Will I be able to afford to remain a SAHM?  Will my family drive me bonkers?  I even started thinking that maybe this wasn't from God.  Maybe it was our will, or better yet, our parents' will, but not God's.  But then I had reassurance... Adele told me something great, "All good things come from God".  If this wasn't from God, it wouldn't have been laid out before us so perfectly.  Mauricio wouldn't have gotten the job.  He wouldn't have been made a generous offer.  We wouldn't have had 3 showings TODAY to show our apartment and be released from our lease agreement.  God is taking care of every.single.little.step.  Why do I doubt?

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28

So, here we go.  Walking into the unknown.  But, the door was opened by God.  So whatever lays beyond it is from Him and for us.  As long as we keep praying to Him, seeking His will and obeying, how can we ever be lead astray?

Smokey the Pool Lady

You know, I don't know how these things happen to me, but they do and you know me, I can't keep my trap shut.  I have a REALLY big bark... but no bite at all.

Today we joined Carol, her kids and Beth with her son at the pool for our final pool play date.  All was going well... as well as can be expected with 6 kids and 3 adults.  We decide to take a break from the deep pool and head over to the baby pool for a bit.  While in the baby pool, we noticed these 2 women smoking right outside the gate.  The wind was blowing in such a way that the smoke was coming directly our way.  So, I comment to Carol, "Ugh, I hate the smell of smoke".  That's it.  That was my comment.  The lady rushed over to the gate and proceded to rip us a new one.

Back story:  This was not Carol's first encounter with Smokey.  Apparently, a few weeks back, Carol informed Smokey that there was no smoking at or in the pool.  On this day, she was smoking INSIDE the pool.  Come on, that's common sense!

So, I guess my simple comment threw her over the edge.  Smokey told us that she was entitled to smoke outside the gate, and where would I have her stand instead?  Well, she asked, so I told her.  I told her I'd like her to stand a little further down so I didn't have to smell her stench.  To which she replied, too bad.  If she didn't like my answer, she shouldn't have asked.  Just as she's entitled to smoke outside the gate, I am entitled to say WHATEVER I want about her stinky smoke.

She finishes her cigarette and comes over to us for another bantering.  She tells us that we need to shut our mouths and that we are LUCKY our kids were with us or else.  She was even so kind as to invite Carol out to the parking lot to settle it like "big girls".  Ha!  She wanted to fight... now that's Klassy!

Well, you want to know the cherry on top?  She called the COPS!  Yep, she really did!  We were having our lunch under the pavilion when we see her chatting with an officer.  Did she think we were going to get in trouble for saying something about her smoking... is she delusional?!  The officer comes up to us and hears "our side" which is no big deal.  Carol said that the only thing that she was upset about was Smokey threatening her and calling her out.  Well, as expected, and as stated in our Good Ol' American Constitution, anyone can say anything they want.  DUH!

So in the end, nothing happened.  The cop went back to serving and protecting against REAL crime, and ol' Smokey went back to getting her fierce tan on... she's 50 by the way, yuck.

Now, let me shamelessly admit something before the world of bloggers... I am prejudice against smokers... and I.Don't.Care.One.Bit.  I usually give smokers a bad face while walking past them.  I cough loudly on purpose.  I say loud comments about how stinky it is.  Shameless.  First of all, I don't think that I or my children should have to endure hazardous chemicals because a STRANGER can't practice self control and is too selfish to smoke in the privacy of their own homes.  Heck yes, I think smoking in public should be finable and GOOD JOB, NYC for making it that way!  Smoking is hazardous to our health... as is 2nd hand smoke.  This is not an idea or a opinion... it's a FACT!  I have chronic lung disease and who knows what other ailments other people may have, and yet these self righteous smokers feel the need to cry about their "smokers rights".  Well, what about MY right to breathe clean, non-toxic air?  What about MY right to not expose my children to it?  Why should I have to leave if I'm not the one with the addiction.  Actually, I do have an addiction... to clean air.  

Ok, I'll step off my soap box now.  Whew.

Movin' On Down

We're moving to Miami
in 2 weeks!


Right now I'm feeling excited, overwhelmed, nervous, anxious and busy.  There is so much to do in 2 weeks... so many things to pack, so many loose ends to tie up, so many people to say goodbye to.

When we went down to Miami last month on vacation, Mauricio interviewed with an engineering firm, BE Aerospace.  His sister, Mirella and her husband Al work there and have been keeping an eye out for an opening for him.  He interviewed and things went smoothly.  But then time passed... and more time... and we thought things were cooling off and not going to happen.  It was a long shot anyway, and in order to move there, he needed to be made a nice $ offer.

Then yesterday, he received a phone call from an HR representative, saying that he was going to be extended an offer.  He received that offer, and seeing that it was good enough, we decided it was time to move on.  When he went in to tell his boss, he organized that his last official day be next Friday.  Then he'll take a week to pack/move, and finally begin at his new job by August 8.

This is all moving so quickly.

Initially, it looks like we'll be moving in with my in-laws.  First off, it's too quick to find something we REALLY want.  And secondly, in order to break our lease here, we'll have to continue paying rent until they get new tenants.  We can't afford to pay for rent here and rent there.  Even with the pay increase, it wont be enough... we're not millionaires!  But once we are all sorted out, we'll be looking to move to the Miramar area.

The change is really going to be bittersweet for me.  On the one hand, I'm so happy to be moving closer to my entire family.  It's been hard not having their support.  It's also been unfair for them not to be able to witness their grandchildren growing up... they've missed out on so much already!  On the other hand, I'm sad to be going... just when some of my friendships are starting to gain strength, just when my studio has become successful and consistant and just when I've become more active in my MOPS group.

We are trusting in God completely for this next step in our lives.  He has never lead us astray.  He brought us to Greenville for a season... and a good one at that!  I'll never be able to forget living in Greenville- this is where my babies were born!  Greenville taught me how to trust in God's provisions... even living on one salary, we never went hungry one day.  Greenville taught me how to rely completely on my husband and how to form an unshakeable team... being away from your family will do that to you.  Greenville women taught me how to be a serving and selfless mother who puts her family and children before other desires... being a SAHM is a sacrifice worth making!

I want to thank every Greenville mom who ever watched my kids, cooked me a meal, met up with me for a playdate or just said an encouraging word to get me through the day.  You truly touched my heart.

And to Carol- I will miss you most.  You have become close to me as a sister.  And though we may not see eye-to-eye on everything, you know I value your friendship and will never forget the kindness and generosity you showed me, Mau and the boys time and time again.  Just because I wont live here anymore doesn't mean I wont call you anymore... who will I talk to during naptime?!  I love you!

So, I'll keep you all updated as we go along this crazy journey.  God is in control and His plans are better than anything we could have planned for ourselves.  I hold onto that truth everyday.


I now have 2 mobile children!

About a week ago, Jonas began scooting.  He's still not fully crawling, but it's not a scoot either.  Instead of moving one leg and then the other, he moves both and then his arms while using his belly in between.  It looks like a frog leap or a butterfly swim motion... so cute!

Since being able to get around, he's become a much happier baby.  He doesn't mind being put on the floor because he's no longer taunted by the toys just out of reach... now he can go for them.  The only problem is that when he goes for Marco's toys, we hear Marco repeating "no, brother"... we're trying to teach him to share.

This morning, I called him from the kitchen when it was time for breakfast.  It took him a few minutes, but he came all the way up to the gate and waited for me to scoop him up and put him in his high chair.  He was so proud of himself!

On top of being able to get around, he is now more able to play with other babies.  He can interact and almost keep up with babies his age.  He's much happier this way!

People always look at him funny because he's SO tiny, and yet doing all these "big baby things".  I just smile and tell them he's a lot older than they think he is.  My small and mighty boy!

Sleep Deprivation

We are sleep deprived.  Between Marco not going to sleep till WELL after his appointed bed time, and Jonas STILL waking up in the middle of the night, Mauricio and I are exhausted.

Ever since we moved Marco into his big boy bed, we have been having big boy fights and big boy drama, and honestly, it's been a pain in the big boy sized rear end.  We do everything as normal... eat, shower, prayers, bed.  Only now, after he's put in bed, we spend the next two hours telling him to get BACK in bed.  We have tried a few tactics, and things are still not going well.  We have tried the Nanny style, walk back to bed without saying a word.  We have tried the Cuban style, spank and put back in bed.  We have tried locking his door.  We have tried putting up a gate.  So far, nothing has worked.

Jonas is on the other end of the spectrum.  He wants to sleep, but he doesn't want to STAY asleep.  Every night, between 2 and 4, he wakes up... mostly, he just wants to play.  We don't have to over analyze this... he's not hungry, he's not scared, he's not anything but bored.  Being that he's 9 months old, he should be sleeping a solid 10-12 hours, but he doesn't! This is so frustrating!

So yesterday we decided to see what happened when we sleep deprived them a bit.  We did not allow them to sleep in the car, nor lounge around on the couch.  We offered them their naps as usual.  Jonas only slept for about an hour and Marco spent 2 hours in his room doing who knows what, but not sleeping.  That's ok, they weren't going to go to sleep any earlier than normal... even if they were tired.

At about 6pm, Marco began sitting on the steps of the stairs and saying "Marco go night-night".  To which we said, "oh, no... Marco should have taken his nap... we still have lots to do before it's time to go night-night".  He would just sigh.  And Jonas, he was just cranky.

This was Marco while waiting for dinner.  His head kept bobbing up and down and he was speaking like a drunkard.  We recorded it... it was pretty hilarious... we're mean parents!

After dinner we went upstairs, had bath time as normal, and got ready for bed.  Marco kept laying down in bed and saying "Marco night-night", so we thought he'd be out the second we left.  We were wrong.  The little stinker still got up from his bed THREE times, woke up Jonas, kept turning on the lights and opening the door.  Finally, we resulted in taping down the light switch and locking him in.  He fell asleep and didn't wake up till 8:30.  Jonas woke up as usual at 2:51, but I was able to get him back in his crib a while later and he didn't wake again till nearly 7.

Actually, that was the easiest night we've had in a while, even if we did have to result to sleep deprivation.

Pathetic Excuse for a Girl

I have admitted it before, many times... I'm not a girly girl.  That doesn't mean I'm butch (I hope), but I'm just not into fashion, shopping, makeup, hair removal and the like.  This was all reiterated to me as I prepared for my date night on Friday.

I've never HAD to wear makeup before.  Growing up, I had fairly nice skin (for a teenager) and didn't need to layer on foundation, concealer and powder just to go to school.  As an adult, I tried to develop a makeup regimen for work, but inevitably it would only last about a week.  Thankfully, as a teacher, no one really cares if you're made up or not.  I literally only wore makeup to go out on weekends.  But now, as a wife and mother, going out is not what it used to be.  I'm not going to put on makeup for play dates, parks and Chipotle.  So, I reserve it for special occasions... this year I have probably put on makeup only 4 times... no lie.

It helps, or doesn't help, that my husband HATES makeup.  He doesn't want to kiss my face with powder on it.  He doesn't want to kiss my lips if I wear lipstick or even chapstick!  Sweetly, he says I look better without makeup on.  His eyes are kind to me.

Ok, back to my Friday night getting ready fiasco.  I pull out my makeup, which sits inside a bin under the sink, in a ziplock bag... that's my "make up case".  And as I begin to pull out what makeup I have, I start running an inventory.  Let's go over this, piece by piece:

Yes, that's right... this is my entire makeup collection... that's it.  I have 3 brushes, one of which is a blush brush, but I do not own blush.  Then we have my powder.  Does that look like the right color for me?  It's not.  I bought it when I was a senior in college (2005) and I was performing in an opera where I was a doll-like character and needed my face to be white with bright pink cheeks.  Now, I mainly use it as under eye concealer.  Next we have my collection of shadows.  The newest is the purple, bought in December, the green was bought in 2009, the browns in 2004 and the gold... wait for it... in 2002.  Then we've got my eyeliner and mascara... also old and dried out and clumpy.  And, all this make up is from CVS or Walgreens.  

How in the world do I work with this stuff?  Then, I'm not really skilled at how to put on makeup.  I do the best I can with the little knowledge I learned while in high school from my friend Candice.  Thanks, Candice, you taught me everything I know.  This is my one and only look:

Impressive, huh?  And don't even mention my eyebrows... I can't find my tweezers.  Real girly of me!  I refuse to get waxed.  I can push out a baby, have a c section and deal with RA on a daily basis... easy peasy... but ask me to get my eyebrows waxed and I have an anxiety attack.  I never learned the meaning of "pain is beauty".  

Truthfully, I only care that I don't have good makeup on the few occasions that I get dressed up to go out.  And, since it's so few and far between, I can't justify going out and spending hundreds of dollars on department store brands for just a few nights out a year.  However, I should throw out all the stuff that's over 2 years old and buy new ones... even if it's drug store brands.  

Here's my final look.  At least my dress was cute!

Wedded Bliss

Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary.  4 years later... still living in wedded bliss.  I love looking at my favorite pics of one of the best days of my life.

Tubes Are In

In my previous posts (here and here), I have written about Marco's continuous ear infection that has resulted in the need to have tubes put in.  We did that today.

At our hospital, they schedule the procedures in order by age, so since he's only 2, he was the first one of the day.  This was good because he wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything, and waiting any later would have been a problem.  We got to the outpatient center at 6:15am.  

After registration, they took us to his prep room, where they gave him a hospital gown and some socks.  They weighed him and took his temp and gave him a warm blanket to snuggle up with in bed.  We put on the Disney channel for him, and he was good to go.  But this was the worst part... waiting to be called in.  It took almost an hour and a half to be called in.  During which time, Marco repeatedly asked us for "wawa" (water), "gabba" (yo gabba gabba) and to jump.  An hour and a half is a LOOOONG time for a 2 year old.  

The anesthesiologist and doctor came to speak with us, and then the nurses came to take Marco.  They had a little car for him to sit in, and he immediately jumped in and they whisked him away.  He didn't realize we weren't with him till after he was around the corner, and I could hear his confused, "Mama?" all the way down the hall.  It made me nervous.

They lead us to recovery and we sat down at 8:01.  My stomach was in knots and I kept wondering if he was fighting the doctors or if he was scared or crying.  By 8:07, the nurse came to tell us the doctor was on his way and by 8:10 he was telling us that the procedure went smoothly and instructing us on home care.  It was THAT fast!!! 

We went back to see him and he was still asleep but trying to wake up.  I got to sit in a rocker, holding him until he woke up.  Once he came to, he was groggy and whining... like a confused cry, not a full blown scream.  We shared a recovery room with another boy (separated by a curtain), and he was screaming at the top of his lungs.  The screaming began to make Marco nervous and he started to think that the crying was from Jonas.  He cried, "Brother... brother" and didn't understand why we weren't going to get him.  Mauricio took him to look out the window and he spotted all the birds and cars and he was no longer scared or confused.  We were released at 8:30.

Once we got home, Marco was beginning to act more normally.  But he was on his version of slow motion... which for most of us is not slow at all.  Like, if he's always going at 100 MPH, then today, he's around 93.  He's taking a long nap now, and once he wakes I expect he'll be just fine. 

This was not a big deal at all.  All the hospital staff made it a priority to make us comfortable, ease our fears and treat our baby with loving care.  My anxiety was probably the worst part.  Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of my baby!

Oh, and in case you were wondering... Jonas was at home with my amazing mother-in-law that came to visit.  We didn't forget about him!

Big Boy Bed

On Thursday I became even more certain that my now 2 year old is really becoming a BIG boy.  I put him down for his nap as usual, and returned downstairs to nurse and rock Jonas to sleep.  That's our routine.  All of a sudden, I hear some movement and the tap-tap-tap of little feet racing across the floor.  Then the sound of a door knob rattling, and finally, "Mama, da dow is stuck!"  He climbed out of his crib!!!

I went up to see just how he did it, and with a huge smile, he proudly displayed his climbing abilities.  I was impressed.  But, I told him it was nap time and he had to stay in bed.  I tucked him in, said a prayer, told him I loved him and left.  Not 3 minutes later, he was walking down the stairs.  We repeated this 6 or 7 times and finally resulted in punishment.  An hour and a half later, he took his nap. 
When Mau got home, he showed him his newly acquired skills.  And we recorded it for your viewing pleasures:

So, for two days we were allowing him to climb out, but it was annoying because he coudn't get back in.  Also, my Mama instinct was telling me this was probably a bad idea.  It only takes ONE slip to make a broken arm, or worse.  Besides, we bought a convertible crib for just this reason... so it could convert once we needed it to.  Climbing out is a sure sign that it's time.

We went to Buy Buy Baby and bought a bed rail, and took off the front panel of the crib.  Marco now has a BIG Boy Bed.

We have also heard stories of children escaping their rooms in the middle of the night, eating from the fridge or waking up their parents.  Some people lock the door from the inside, others put the childproof door handles on the inside... we chose to put up a gate.  Seriously, I could be a world class hurdler with all the gates we have up in our house... 2 that we jump over to get to the kitchen, 2 that swing for the stairs and now one to get into the boys' room.  

Our first night in the BBB (Big Boy Bed) went better than expected.  Our problem was not having an escapee, but having a wakey.  Marco does not let Jonas sleep.  Within a few minutes of leaving their room, Marco had gotten out of bed, overturned a basket and climbed on top of it to be able to reach into Jonas' crib.  Then, screaming.  Jonas was not happy to have been woken up.  I had to bring Jonas downstairs until I was certain that Marco had fallen asleep.  In the morning, we realized that the gate at the door was not going to stop him.  Duh... if he can climb out of a crib, how is a gate going to stop him?!  He was in our room by 8:30, asking for a diaper change.  

Marco was so excited to be in a BBB.  He's so proud of himself!  We keep pumping him up and telling him that he's SO BIG.  Our next stop on the road to Big Boyhood is getting rid of the paci.  We're already talking about it, so it shouldn't be too long now.  

Accidents Happen

I guess it's ok for me to post this today, since it's a Friday... Friday's are flame free, so you're not allowed to judge me.  Just so you know.

Today I did something rather dumb.  Not my proudest Mama Moment.  In fact, I've been ladened with guilt all day.  Jonas fell down.

I took Marco to get a haircut today.  Being that it was only his second one ever, he was rather skittish.  Actually, that's an understatement.  He FLIPPED out.  The moment his butt landed in the barber chair, which by the way was adorable, small and blue, with a tv screen, kid music playing and puzzles, he went bonkers.  So while I'm holding Jonas, I try to ease Marco's stress.  We offer him a lollypop, even a sip from my Frappuccino (another superior parenting moment), yet nothing would calm him down.  

Here's where I made my mistake.  I put Jonas down... on a bench, sitting up.  The bench wasn't too high off the floor (like knee level), and I was "watching him" and I was "right there", what could happen?  So, I start to give Marco more of my attention, trusting Jonas to stay put.  Marco started to calm down and things were looking better.  Then it happened, so fast that I didn't even realize what happened till my little baby was face down on the floor.  He rolled forward off the bench and fell on his face.  

Well, naturally he started screaming... which in turn got Marco freaked out again and he started screaming as well.  I immediately broke out into a nervous sweat and started cursing myself, all the while checking for broken bones or bruises.  Thankfully, there were none.  

Then I'm questioning, should I go to the hospital?  What if he has a concussion?  What if something is internally wrong and I can't see it?  What if I just caused brain damage? What if he's got organ bleeding?  What if........  

But I decided to head home and keep a careful eye on him.  I'm happy to report that he's been acting normally, his eyes are not dilated and he has no redness, swelling or bruising.  God is GOOD!  

I just keep reminding myself that I'm a total dumb@ss.  This could have been avoided... if I had only brought the stroller down.  If I had only brought down the carrier.  If I had not been so bothered by Marco's melt down.  I know accidents happen, but this could have been avoided.  

To console me, my mom recalled a time she fell down the stairs with me and had to call 911.  Then my step-mom told me of a time she dropped my step-brother from the highchair and ran outside so her husband wouldn't hear the screams and know what a horrible mother she was!  Yeah, it actually does make me feel a little better... my accident wasn't nearly as bad as either of theirs! 

Heart Broken

After hearing the verdict on the Casey Anthony case, my heart is simply broken for the lack of justice served for two-year old Cayle's murder.
When the case was first uncovered, I was still living in Orlando... in the heart of the action.  It was all consuming.  Every time I turned on the radio or tv, there it was... 2 year old Cayle missing.  People from my town were performing endless searches to find this little girl, dead or alive.
As the search continued, I found out I was pregnant with Marco.  When they finally found her body, and Casey was questioned, I knew that something was not right.  I was not yet a mother, but I KNEW that this was not how a mother behaved or mourned.  And as more and more evidence was brought forth, it became clear in my heart that she had a hand in her daughters murder.
Honestly, in the 2 years since they found the body, I have not followed the case much.  The news here may mention it, but doesn't dwell on it, and I haven't sought it out myself.  I think it's been too painful for me to hear the details and look at pictures of that beautiful little girl.
To me, this could have been a clear cut case... so many things lining up against Casey.  And yet somehow, the prosecution did not do a good enough job.  Casey Anthony walks free... on all charges except lying to police. (whoopti doo).
But now what?  Who is going to bring this baby girl's murder to justice?  Will there be a new search for the "true" murderer?  And if this really was an "accident", will no one pay for the neglect... for hiding her body... for putting on this show?
I sit here and cry because I can't understand.  How have the Anthony's become so caloused that they don't even care about what happened to that little girl anymore?!  To them, it's all water under the bridge.  Over and done with.  This is absolutely heart breaking that no justice was served for little Cayle.

I Don't Know Why

I really love writing this blog.  I have found that it has not only been a way for me to keep a log and memory of all the cute, quirky or annoying things my kids do, but has also become a release and an escape.   I really ponder over the things I am going to share with you, make plans and have "back-up-posts" planned too.

After I post, I look back on my stats page to see what kind of response I'm getting.  I get so excited when I receive comments, and truly appreciate every single one.  I have personal little silly goals of getting more hits in each month than the last.  Something that really tickled me pink; my blog received over 1000 hits in one month (June)!  The only other time it has ever been that popular was when I blogged about Jonas' birth in October... and that's completely understandable.

I love looking at who is reading.  Did you know I have readers from around the world?!  That rocks!  This week alone, I've had hits from Slovenia (had to look that one up), Belgium (Maud?), Brazil (Oi, familia), and a few others across the ocean.

My mom is always warning me about the "weirdos" on the internet.  Ha!  I have only had positive experiences from writing this blog.  I have blog-met several people and have become interested in their lives and stories as well.  I am so comforted to know that my stories are reaching others and perhaps encouraging them or just making them smile.  I am also happy to know that people around the world are praying for me and my little ones.  That's powerful!

So, the only thing that bugs me... how can I have over 1000 views in one month, and still have only 27 followers.  I don't know WHY I want followers... but I do!  So, if you enjoy reading my blog, would you please consider clicking the "follow" button to the left of your screen.  It would make my heart swell with delight!

Thanks, lovely readers!