Blog on Fire

The Blog on Fire Award has been passed around lately, and I was finally picked for it!  Yay!  Thanks to Mrs. Mommy for thinking of me!  Go check out her blog.  She has the cutest red-haired girl, and she's always so sweet and encouraging!

The rules for redeeming/accepting this award are:
Write 7 things about yourself
Pass this on to 10 other bloggers

1.  I love Netflix.  The streaming option is the best invention EVER.  I've been watching Greys from the beginning and I'm already at season 4.  That takes some major dedication, considering I've only been watching for about a month.  That means I watch 2-3 episodes a day.  Probably not good for me to admit that. 

2.  I have no intention of ever going back to work full time.  I used to teach middle school Chorus, and I really enjoyed it.  But now, being away for so long, I realize that what I loved about it was just the music. Not the discipline, not the paper work, not the politics... just the music.  So, my intention is to just teach private voice lessons... that's all music and no nonsense!  

3.  I need to eat more healthy foods.  I make my kids eat fruits, but rarely do I eat one.  It's not good.  Sometimes I just eat a bag of popcorn for lunch.  Oy.  It'll all catch up to me sooner or later and then I wont be able to fit into my pants. 

4.  I was born in Japan because my dad was in the military.  My parents are Cuban, but my dad never lived in Cuba (he was born in Costa Rica by chance) and my mom only lived there til she was 4.  When people ask me where I'm from, I'm always a bit confused... Japanese-Cuban-Costa Rican-American?  

5.  My birthday is coming up in December and I've been doing some soul searching... to decide what I want. haha.  I've come to the conclusion that I'd like a Starbucks gift card, to support my habit.  And also an Amazon gift card so I can buy books for my Kindle.  Coffee and books... I'd be in heaven! 

6.  I want my blog to be popular.  Like REALLY popular.  But I don't know what to do to get it there.  I know there are people that have sponsors and actually bring in an income by blogging.  I want to do that!  But how?  I don't really know.

7.  I'm like a teenager when it comes to Twilight.  I am totally Team Edward.  (Although Jacob is really easy on the eyes).  I have been to all the midnight movie showings... in line with all the squealing 15 year olds.  Heck, I was squealing too!  I'm already making plans to see Breaking Dawn... but not at the midnight show.  And I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Ok, now here's the part I'm excited about... passing on this award to 10 of my favorite blogs!  This is an awesome opportunity for you to check out some blogs you may never have seen before... I hope you find something new!

Stephanie has an awesome blog documenting her life as a military wife and mom to cute little Hunter, check her out at Doyles Days.

Amie's blog is all about food.  She challenged herself to make all family recipes during her first year of marriage.  See it all at the Kitchen Chronicles.

 Abby has two beautiful little girls.  She loves Jesus and is always encouraging and hopeful.  Get a dose of happy at Livin' the Good Life.

I love Allie's blog.  She's got two boys and #3 is on the way!  I found her blog because it's name is similar to mine.  Although now it's quite possibly the longest blog name ever.  Check it out at Table for 3- Actually make that 4- Scratch that, make it 5.

Bee's blog is awesome.  She's hilarious and cool... in a nerdy book loving kinda way.  That's my favorite kind.  She also has a cutie little girl that fills up her life.  She writes The Blarg.

Vanessa writes a blog about fashion and tv.  She's always got the best fashion tips and latest styles.  I wish I could be like her!  She travels, eats good food, dresses well and loves trashy television.  See it all at The Very Thought of You.

Beth has a sweet blog about her two boys.  They're out of the baby/toddler era and give me a hint into what my future will look like... dirty!  Read her blog at Truth With Dirt on their Faces

D writes a super real blog.  It's not always sunshine, but it is hardcore real.  The true ups and downs of parenting two babies.  I love reading how she knows she doesn't have all the answers, but knows that God will guide her.  Her blog is Unpolished Parenting.

Callie Nicole's blog tells of her life as a new mom to an 8 month old little handsome boy.  She has been getting her name out there in the blog world with her series "Moms and Babies" which always leads us to read other great stories.  Check her out at Through Clouded Glass.

Ok, so that's not 10 blogs... it's just 9.  But that should be good enough, right?  Can't wait to read what you all write about for your Blog On Fire Award!


Callie said...

Thank you so much for the award! I love getting these. :-)

If you are interested in how to make your blog "bigger", I read a book on blogging a couple years ago with some good suggestions: Definitely check it out. She talks about getting sponsors and all that. I've never done the sponsor thing, just because I'm not sure I'm willing to go through all the work, but the book had some really good information.

Amy said...

Sorry I'm a little behind on reading my favorite blogs. I need to start eating healthier too. It's getting a little ridiculous. Have you looked at Swagbucks? It's an easy way to get Amazon gift cards. It takes a little while to get 450, but it only takes a couple minutes a day.

Beth C. said...

Thank you so much for passing the award along, I really appreciate it! I love blogging but I haven't been making enough time for it...this is a great reason for me to MAKE the time!