Seriously?! Thursday

It's Thursday... so I'm linking up for another Seriously?! Thursday.  You're gonna have to bear with me.  I've had a glass of wine, I'm a light weight, and I'm trying to remember all of my Seriously?! moments.  Mmkay?

Seriously?!  I've been lacking in the blogging department this week.  Sorry!  I could use some topic suggestions.  If you've got any, shoot!

Seriously?!  An old guy hit on me at Publix the other day.  And I'm not talking "could be my dad" old... I'm talking "could be my GRANDfather" old.  First of all, SERIOUSLY?!  Secondly, yuck yuck YUCK!  He's all, "you've got great eyes... what's your name... oh my you are beautiful".  And guys, I seriously ran away... gagging.

Seriously?!  Jonas has a major ear infection.  And has probably had it for weeks.  But HOW should I know.  Fever? no.  Yellow/green mucus? no.  Loss of appetite? no.  Crankiness? no.  Fatigue? no.  So, tell me Mama's... with no symptoms, how's a woman supposed to know?!  I feel so bad for him.  He's probably been miserable!

Seriously?!  Did I mention that Jonas is also getting 4 teeth at the same time right now?  All on top!  So, on top of the ear infection, he's got FOUR teeth piercing through.  Miserable indeed.

Seriously?!  When we took Marco to the doctor today, they did his growth chart.  And he's off the chart for height.  As in, there is no number that high.  Like, he's a good half ince above the the highest line (97%).  He is seriously going to be TALL!  Mauricio is already having dreams of Marco playing for the Miami Heat.  "And now, your center MARCOOOOOOO AVESAAAAAAANIIIIII!"  Can you hear it?  He can.

Seriously?!  Speaking of the doctor.  It was a new one since we just moved to town.  The doctor was great.  The nurse, not so much.  She was short with me and then spoke to me in Spanish the whole time.  Yes, I know Spanish, but it ticks me off when people ASSUME that I know it and EXPECT me to speak it!  And, to top it off, she wants me to speak medical terminology in Spanish.  That means I have to translate it into what I think is closest to the actual thing.  That's not fair to me or my kids.  I told her I couldn't explain these things in Spanish and asked her if she spoke English... no... so I ended up filling out the questionnaire for her.  Very professional.  And people always tell me, "Well, this is Miami, you should know Spanish".  Ummmm... This is AMERICA... you should know ENGLISH!  Seriously?!  Am I crazy or right?

Seriously?!  I am becoming a woman.  No, I didn't just get my period (look at the next line for more on that).  For a long time I had been carrying around a kiddie sized monkey book bag as my purse.  I have a few nice Coach bags, but I don't want to screw them up with leaky sippy cups and cookie crumbs... so I've been super klassy with my monkey book bag.  But not anymore!  I bought a purse!  It's perfect.  It's got 2 side pockets that are big enough to hold the sippy cups.  It's trendy, small and purple.  But that's not the best part.  It cost... wait for it... $8.99!  BOOYA!  Thank you Ross!

Seriously?!  Now that my tubes are tied, I really get ticked off every month when Flo comes to visit.  Now that I can't get pregnant, ever again, it really seems pointless.  Yes, I know I still need it for hormonal reasons and blah blah blah, but it's more annoying now than ever.  And I just keep reminding myself that I'll have to endure it every month for the next 30 years.  Do you know how many periods that is?!  360!  Seriously?!

Seriously?!  I am planning another giveaway.  I don't know from where yet... but there WILL be a giveaway.  But not until I have 50 followers.  I've got 9 to go.  Make it happen people!


Carolyn said...


I had no idea you had a blog. I'm new at this so how do you become a "follower"? I'm sure it's prob a dumb question.