Seriously?! Thursday

Linking up with From Mrs. to Mama again for her weekly edition of "Seriously?! Thursday".  You know you love to hear me rant... so here you have it!

Seriously?!  We had The.Worst.Night.Ever last night.  And who was the culprit?  Not the baby... the two year old!  Seriously?!  Stop waking up!  At 2:21am he tried to sneak into our bed.  The event ended at 4:45 with spankings and yelling.  That's right... over 2 hours of nonsense.  And in the process, he managed to wake up the WHOLE house, including Jonas.  So once Marco was asleep, I had the pleasure of dealing with Jonas who kept on saying "ba ba ba" until a little after 5 when he finally drifted off to dreamland.  I'm over it.

Seriously?!  My husband called me "mean".  (I was gonna write a whole post about this but decided not to for the sake of my marriage... so all you get is a bullet).  He said "You're so mean" at 2:23am... during the night time fiasco listed above.  Why am I mean?  Because I'm consistant.  Because I get a game plan and I want to stick to it.  Because Marco's crying does not faze me.  Because I am determined to win over my toddler.  Because I think 2am is no time to be coddling.  Because I have the best intentions for my ENTIRE family... not just one member of it.  Because his long term happiness is more important to me than his immediate gratification.  So, if for all those reasons I'm "mean", then so be it.  But if for all those reasons I'm a kick ass parent... then HELLZ yes, I'm "mean".  And don't you forget it.  Bam.

Seriously?!  My mom got a new iphone... the 4, not 4s.  She was asking me how to do things, but since we don't live in the same city, I figured she should go to someone who could show her.  I sent her to set up an appointment with a Genius at the Apple Store.  Well, she went.  And now she thinks she knows more than me.  She thinks she's more hip than me.  She's an apple-girl now.  Seriously?  Reality check, Mom... when it comes to technology, I will ALWAYS be more "hip" than you.  For the record. (love ya)

Seriously?!   I've been having a little bit of arrhythmia again.  Just a few episodes.  But I just got this fixed, remember.  If not, click here.  Well there's a 20% chance that it came back... or a good possibility that it's ANOTHER short circuit.  That means, I get to wear a heart monitor... for a month.  A MONTH!  Oh geez... as if my life isn't complicated enough.

Seriously?!  So while at the doctor this morning... for the arrhythmia, I overheard the office secretaries talking about me.  In Spanish.  As if I can't understand them.  Hello... this is Miami... everyone speaks Spanish!  So, the girl looked at me, with my 2 kids in their double stroller screaming "MAMA!" and said, "See that... that's what my husband would want... 2 kids, and for me to have to drag them around everywhere.  Yeah right... I would NEVER do that".  Oooookkkkk... so yeah, that's nice.  Right in front of me!  I actually held my tongue... can you believe it?  I walked away.  But what I WANTED to say was, "oh, and YOUR job is so important?  Being a secretary is more important than being a mom?  Really?  Seriously?!"  Whatever.

That's all for today.  Till next week!