Music Time

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love music.  And by now, if you've been reading my blog, you've also realized how important it is in my life.  What initially drove me to Mauricio was his musical talent and ability.  Yes, it's that important.

Naturally, I want my kids to be musical.  I dream of the days that we take car trips and sing road songs together... in four part harmony.  Dorky?  Yes!  And I love it.  When Marco tells me his letters and counts, I am happy.  When Marco sings his ABC's or any other song, I am elated.  We play pitch games, rhythm games and learn tons of songs.  I think he's quite talented.  

Even Jonas has demonstrated his musical skills.  He tries to sing along with Marco and he can do some rhythmic "ba ba"'s.  Four part harmony here we come!

Now tell me this isn't dorky... to the extreme.  In the car, we sing the Super Why theme song.  I'm on lead, and Mauricio does the accompaniment and harmonies.  Marco sings along too.  At home, Mauricio plays it on the piano or guitar and we all sing along.  Wow, that's kinda embarrassing... too music-nerd-y.  But we love it! 

This semester, we decided to sign Marco up for Music Time.  It's like your basic Kindermusik class, only a little more foundational.  We go every Friday and Marco loves it.  He says, "We're going to Yukis Cass" (That's "Music Class" for those of you not fluent in toddler).  We sing songs, we play with shakers, jingles, glocks, claves, hoops and scarves.  We do rhythmic training, pitch development and body movement.  What's great is that I know he's learning basic technique that is foundational for becoming a musician.  What's great is that HE doesn't know any of that... all he knows is that he's having a whole lotta fun!  

Marco is a great student too! (When he pays attention).  He sings on pitch and loudly.  He can clap on rhythm and follow directions.  The only thing he wont do is sing alone into the mic.  For some reason he becomes shy at that point... which is completely out of character for him.  I had NEVER seen Marco be shy before this.  But he'll get the hang of it soon enough.  

For now, Jonas just watches the class.  Although there is a class for his age range, we are not enrolled.  I would not be able to bring Marco with me to Jonas' class, and for right now that's not an option.  So Jonas is learning by watching for now... but I'm convinced he's still learning.  Next semester they'll be able to be in the same class, so long as Jonas is walking by then.  That'll be seriously great!  I can't wait for them to play and learn music together!

If you're in Miami and interested in getting music classes for your child, it's never to late or early to start.  They have classes from birth to 8 years of age.  Visit THIS SITE for more information.  

And now I leave you with a few pictures of the class:


Shawna said...

I did Kindermusik with stuff :-) I also sing the Super Why theme somg lol.