Reunion Recap

Remember when I wrote the post outlining the 10 reasons I'm not attending my 10 year reunion?  (If you didn't read it, click the link... you know you want to!)  Well, right after I posted that, I got into a "heap of trouble".  I was officially BANNED from the FB page and received a message telling me that what I had done was worse than all the comments and issues.  I made quite a splash!

I was once told that I am a pot stirrer... and it's true.  So here I go... stirring the pot once again.

Today is the big day.  The 10 year reunion.  Everyone (minus me) has been anticipating this date.  Dresses have been purchased.  Flights have been booked.  Babysitters have been called.  People have made big plans for tonight.  The one thing people didn't plan on?  Rain.

Ok, seriously?!  How can you NOT plan on rain in FLORIDA!  There is ALWAYS a back up plan... always.  But not for the reunion.  If you remember, they planned on having the party in the porch of rented home.  They had to rent chairs, tables, linens, dance floor.  Hire caterers, bartenders, dj, valet and security.  This whole "house party" was costing $80 per person.  Remember?

So now you're thinking, "if it's at a house, why not move the party inside?" and that would be the logical option.  Only, the interior of the house is under construction and unavailable!  It's like the icing on the cake.  I wonder what they planned on doing about bathrooms?  haha.

A few hours ago, there was a post on FB saying that the reunion has been postponed to a later date due to the weather.  The date is to be determined.  And when someone expressed that this was all highly unprofessional, they were attacked.  I wonder if he too will be banned for coming after the committee... it's like Big Brother, people!

The people who have not grown up in the last 10 years still have some things to say... such as:
- Let's make it a slip n' slide party
-  Wet t-shirt contest!
mmhmmm... riiiight.

What about all those people who booked babysitting for tonight?  What about all those people who saved their money to hop on a plane and see their high school friends?  What about the $80 per person?  I can't believe they would be so UNPROFESSIONAL as to assume that making these accommodations would be simple and free.  To cancel the event on the DAY of the event is unheard of.  Those people that travelled from far away will not be able to book another flight and come back in town on the new day of the committee's choosing.  They should not have to be at their beck and call.  And, the real kicker... they're not going to return anyone's money.  Even if they can't make it to the new date.  Why? Because everyone's been paid already.  No refunds.  That is CRAP.

I think the whole thing has been a spectacle and debacle from the very beginning... but this just tops it all!  This could all have been avoided if they had been NORMAL and booked the event in a reception hall or hotel.  But nooooo, that would be too simple and logical... and "hello, we are like super st. brendan and it has to be absolutely super."  (use your Miami-girl voice for that.)

In all honesty, I feel bad for those people who spent a lot of their hard earned money to attend this event and now they wont be able to.  It's a shame that the committee did not have the foresight to see that Mother Nature always has the last say.


Shawna said...

As an outsider I agree that it all sounds pretty nuts! If I was someone out a plane ticket etc. I would be majorly pissed off.