Living Conditions

You know I'm living with my in-laws right now.  But did you know we're on a plan to live here for a year?  We're trying to pay off debt, save money to buy a house and buy cars and basically start fresh and clean.  We feel so grateful and blessed that Mauricio's parents have agreed to allow us to live here.  Really, they're great.

But that said, we're a bit tight.  Why?  Because my dear husband doesn't want to continue paying for a storage unit.  He wants to bring in all of our boxes and sell our furniture.  I'm not thrilled with this idea.  I don't think selling our furniture is wise because once we do have our own place, we'll be sitting on the floor.  So we're trying to find a place to store our furniture rent free.

The boxes, however, are here already.  I know what you're thinking... where?  There are already 6 people living there!  Where?  I'll tell you.  Pushed up against every available wall space in our room.  It's organized... but chaotic.  How's that for an oxymoron?!  

No, that's not all... the rest are under Marco's bed and Jonas' crib.  And there's another side of the room I didn't photograph.  So this is how we're living... for a year.  

I keep telling myself I can sacrifice for a year.  I mean, really, what's a year in the grand scheme of things.  We have our whole lives together... one year is nothing.  But the other part of me keeps saying I deserve the "wife of the year" award.  What do you think?


Shawna said...

oy....wife of the year for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end--good luck!