Shopping Spree for Meeee

I kinda hit the jackpot in the In-Laws department.

My mother-in-law took me on a shopping spree today for my birthday.  (My birthday is next week).  We piled the kids in the car and headed to the outlets this morning for a shopping extravaganza.

If you know me, you know I hate shopping and I'm truly terrible at it.  I have shopping ADD.  I don't want to sort through racks, I don't want to try on clothes and I don't want to window shop.  I get discouraged way too easily and leave empty handed more times than not.  (Although I'm sure my husband is grateful for that!)

But more than hating shopping, ever since becoming a SAHM, I feel guilty too.  Even when I want to shop, I feel like I don't deserve it.  Or like there's no point in me buying clothes... for what?!  To go to the park?  To go to the library?   Maybe I should buy my clothes at Walmart... I deserve Walmart clothes.  (Not because I'm not doing a good job at MY JOB, but just because my job doesn't require expensive or nice clothes.)  I always try on cute dresses and pretty frilly tops and put them back, thinking that there's no where to wear it to.  It's depressing.

So I have a uniform.  I either wear jeans (1 pair) or jean capris (1 pair that no longer fits) and one of 10 Target shirts with flip flops.  That's my daily uniform.  Also depressing.  I wear dresses and cuter tops to church on Sundays.

Now this just goes to show you how well my MIL knows me.  She saw that I had a need to get out of my clothing rut and was generous enough to help me do it.  And she knows not to give me a gift card too.  If she had given me a Macy's gift card, chances are I would have gotten a perfume or purse.  If she had given me a Target gift card, I probably would have bought diapers.  Exciting, I know.  No, she knew that she had to GO WITH Me, hold my hand, and walk me through the store.  And she did just that.

We went to the Banana Republic Outlet and they had a KILLER sale going on!  So we picked a bunch of things and then went into the fitting room together (and with the boys, oy).  After I tried on all of my picks, she went back out and came back with another armful of clothes for me to try on!

So in conclusion, she bought me a pair of jeans (skinny ones, can you believe it?!), a pair of pants (not dress pants, just casual pants), and two tops.  We also got Mau a pair of jeans because he's got a big hole in his.

The best sale of the day was my jeans... wait for it... from $60 to $18!!!  For Banana Republic Jeans.  Yeah!  FTW!

Pretty much the best MIL ever, am I right?


Stephanie Doyle said...

What a sweet MIL! :) I love Banana Republic outfit, I've been known to go there a little too often! :)

Callie Nicole said...

How sweet of her! Very cute clothes too!