Bible Stories: David & Goliath

Mauricio tells the boys Bible stories before bed... He alters them a little so that they're less violent and at their level and I just think its the sweetest thing! This is what I heard pouring through the baby monitor the other night:

One time there was a boy named David and David was very brave. Brave means not scared. And his Papai told him to go take care of the sheep. But one day there came a lion... And how does a lion go?

So David took a stone and put it into his sling and began to swing it around and around faster and faster like this. :making whooshing sound: and when it got real fast, he let it go... it went flying and hit the lion on the head!  The lion scared and ran away!  Then David knew he was brave.

Then another day the Papai told David to go take his brothers some lunch... David had 8 brothers. How many brothers do you have?

So when he got there with the lunch, he saw a real big guy... His name was Goliath. And Goliath was big like a house! Goliath was saying real mean things about God and David's brothers were upset. Goliath said he would only stop saying bad things about God if someone came to fight him... And everyone was too scared. But not David... He was brave because he had already fought the lion. So he said, "I'll fight you!" and Goliath started laughing saying "you can't beat me, you're just a little boy". But David was brave so he went a took a rock and put it in his slingshot and began swinging it around like this :make whooshing sound: and faster and faster and he threw it at his head! Goliath was hit and he started crying and ran away!!! All of David's brothers were saying "yay David! You're so brave!".  But David knew that he was only brave because he loved God and God made him strong.

The End.


Rita said...

that's one of the best stories Iv'e heard! My Grandsons are so blessed to have such a Wonderful Christian Papai! Oh, and mama too!

Callie Nicole said...

That is so cute! I can't wait until Wyatt is old enough to understand Bible stories. :-)