When Will We Learn?!

So back in November, Mauricio and I bought a pair of iPhone 4s's.  They were beautiful... pristine.  I even wrote a post about how excited I was to have this new gadget.

We, like most parents, have found that when your child is on the verge of a melt down, handing them the iPhone will usually curve it.  All of a sudden they have something new, shiny and entertaining in their hands and all is right in the world.  This works especially well in restaurants, doctors offices or anywhere else they're expected to be still and quiet for an extended period.

We knew it was risky letting them have the phone... but was it a risk worth taking?  Probably not.

Earlier last month we went to Disney World.  As we were checking into the hotel, the boys began squirming in their stroller and trying to get out.  They were being very loud and rude while we were trying to make our arrangements.  So Mauricio relied on Old Faithful, and handed Marco the phone.  My in-laws arrived at the hotel and Marco was released from the confines of the stroller... still with phone in hand.  While we were all busy making our preparations, no one had noticed that Marco had placed the phone down on the counter and walked away.  Within 5 minutes, the phone had vanished!  We talked to every security person, made a claim, watched security cameras and tried to track it, but alas, it was gone.

Now, while we want to blame Marco, we really can't.  When we're home, if he puts something down, he can trust that it'll be there when he returns for it.  He's only two after all!  Bottom line, it was our fault.  We shouldn't have trusted him with it.

Mauricio still has not replaced the phone because it would cost him over $600 for a new one due to the fact that we're not due for an upgrade for some time.

Fast forward to today.  We had a play date with friends and afterward we all headed to a pizza restaurant for lunch.  There were 8 kids and 4 moms.  Whew.  So as the clock starts ticking, Jonas begins getting tired and fussy.  He's standing up in his high chair, throwing forks, tossing his cup... just acting up.  So I rely on Old Faithful.  I hand Jonas my phone and it calms the storm.  We're having lunch and everything is fine until Jonas decides that the phone is no longer entertaining enough and he throws it on the floor.  I have a case, but it's obviously not baby proof.  I picked it up and wanted to cry.

Completely shattered.

But really, I can't blame Jonas.  It's MY fault.  I didn't need to give it to him.  I could have packed his pacifier and a toy and laid him down instead.  I could  have packed him a book or a toy.  He's only 19 months old after all!  I shouldn't have trusted him with it.

So I'm heading to the Apple Store Genius Bar later this evening to see if there is anything they can do for me.  I am buying a huge case and I'm going to break my kids of this habit.  Ugh.

It's only appropriate that Marco would lose Mauricio's phone and then Jonas would break mine.  We're all even-Stevens.  Now Mauricio can't be mad at me or else he'd be the Pot and I'd be the Kettle.  We're 1 and 1.  When will we learn?!


Callie Nicole said...

Oh, how sad! :-(

Anonymous said...

Não tenho palavras......

Danielle-Marie said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I wanted to cry for you! Case in point: this is why I DO NOT own an iPhone. Frankly I'm impressed yours lasted since November. Mine wouldn't have lasted into December.

Leslie said...

Bummer!! I learned the hard way with my Android about a year ago - letting Anna play with it while I paid for our groceries. I used it, cracks and all, until I got an iphone for Christmas. So far it's survived, but I'm on the lookout for a super protective case because I know with a toddler I'm asking for it!! I've seen tutorials on Pinterest for replacing screens - maybe you could try that!