MOPS Year Over

Well, that's it!  Yesterday was our last MOPS meeting of the spring semester.  We're breaking for the summer and we'll be back in action in August.
In the fall, when I moved here, I was sad to find out that there was no MOPS in all of Miami.  So, I put one together.   I connected with the children's ministry leader at Wayside Baptist, Leigh, and together we formed a MOPS group.  It was hard to get started... we had no consistency.  Some days we'd have 8 ladies, and then next week we'd have 2.  We had failed attempts at crafts and slow conversation.  Things weren't looking good... but Leigh kept telling me to stay faithful.  And so I did.

In January, things got a lot better.  We got into a groove, developed a few more leaders and things started moving.  We started having more visitors and more regulars.  People were consistently coming to meetings and play dates.  We were developing relationships... our kids were developing friendships.

By the end of the year, we had 8 consistent members and they all re-registered for next year!  I know it seems small... only 8 women?! Yes, but 8 from 0 is something... it's 800% growth! haha.  For me, coming from Greenville, where our MOPS had over 80 women, 8 seems soooooo small... but for those 8, I know we are making a difference.  I know that we are forming a bond that will encourage and support us.  And if we never grow to more than 8, that's ok... because these 8 are pretty awesome.

But of course, we WANT to grow.  We want to reach more moms.  We want to offer support and friendship.  MOPS has played a huge role in my life, in helping me to developing my mom sense.  I am always encouraged and uplifted when I leave a meeting... even if I'm leading it.  We all learn from each other and feed off of each other's strengths.  And sometimes, we just meet to have a chance to relax, chat and eat.  Those times are awesome!

Throughout the summer, we'll be having 4 play dates to keep our momentum going, and then we'll be kicking off the fall semester on August 23.  If you're in the Miami area and have a preschooler (any child under 1st grade is a pre-schooler... yes, even your newborn), and would like to join us for play dates or meetings, please email me at for more info.

If you're not in the Miami area, I will encourage you to find a local MOPS branch.  You wont regret it. And even if your first time you may feel like a newbie, you'll be family by your second visit!  Go to to find your nearest chapter.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to lead the MOPS of Miami group.  It is a blessing to bless others.


Callie Nicole said...

Wow, good for you for starting up your own MOPS group Nicole! I'm impressed!

Jenn said...

That is so awesome that you started a group! We don't have a MOPS where I live and I was looking into starting one but was discouraged because I don't know anyone here. Thanks for the inspiration to look into it again :)