One of my bloggy friends told me she's really enjoying this series... that makes me so happy and encourages me to do more and branch out, which is exactly what I did this week!  Get excited!

1. Popcorn Gift Baggies

We had our last day of music class this past Friday.  I wanted to bring a little something for all the kiddos in the class to just be a extra special.  I decided to do this idea because they could open it up and enjoy it right there and it wasn't candy or cookies... although there are a few m&m's in there!  This was really easy.  Each bag of popped corn made 3 gift baggies... so I made 9 gifts with 3 bags of popcorn, 1 bag of m&m's, some ribbon, 2 pieces of card stock and clear bags. Easy and cheap!  

2.  Paper Clip Earrings

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

We did these at my MOPS group yesterday.  They are so cheap and sooooo cute!  Basically, you need earring hooks, a paperclip and embroidery thread.  It's also a good idea to have liquid stitch glue on hand.  Assuming you already have the earring hooks (recycled) and the paper clips, this will cost you $1.50 for the thread and $5 for the glue!  Best part is that it only takes about a half hour to make so you can whip these up to match your outfit just hours before you walk out the door!

3.  Squash Chips

I made these "chips" last night.  They were good, but by no means were they "chips"... they were not crispy at all.  I did not "trick my kids" into eating them, although Jonas did enjoy a few.  I'll probably make them again though!


Shawna said...

Those earrings are so cute!

Lindsey said...

Those earrings are awesome mama!!!! Sooo cool!!!

Danielle-Marie said...

OMG. The earrings are AWESOME. I have a good friend who loves to make jewellry. Can't wait to show her this.