Sharing Your Rhythm

This is the final segment of the book I've been reviewing, Mom Connection.  This last segment focused on moving beyond our inner circles and learning to find time to serve others.  Here is my homework from this section.

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Hot Potato
Helping others find their groove

1. How have you experienced the great joy and value of your efforts as a mom?
Everyday!  Well, not really... if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know what a joy and frustration being a mom can be.  But I know, without a doubt, that we have made the right decision in sacrificing to have me stay home with the boys.  I feel joy and value when people compliment me on how smart or well behaved they are.  Since they've never set foot in a school, I can confidently say that it's my doing! I feel joy and value when my husband tells me I'm doing a good job and that he appreciates me.  I feel joy when Jonas says "thank you" and when Marco hugs me tightly and says he loves me.  

2.  Where have you felt undervalued or overlooked because of your role as a mother?
When people, people without kids, ask me what I do all day.  Seriously?  Yes, my house is a disaster... no, laundry isn't done daily... and yet at the end of the day I'm utterly exhausted.  It's easy for an outsider to look in and ask me what I've done all day... because it looks like I could have been sitting on my behind all day long.  But really, all of us moms know that is not the case!  Sometimes I feel diminished or unimportant because I'm "just a stay-at-home-mom"... but not because I truly feel that way, but because that's the way society makes me feel.

Triple Dog Dare
Can we really live this out?

1.  What is one way I see myself able to help others in this life stage?
For the first 2 years of motherhood, I felt incapable of lifting a finger for another person outside of my children.  Having 2 boys just 15 months apart is unthinkable... basically I remember it and I want to cry.  But once Marco turned 2, things began to get a bit easier.  And now that they're even older, I am able to devote more time to other people!  I have been blessed to be able to open a Miami chapter of MOPS and although I never thought I'd find the time to be committed to a huge endeavor such as this, God made a way!  Through this I'm able to create a support system for moms in the trenches (with kids 5 and under) and make a way to serve them, friend them and uplift them.  I think I've been more blessed by this than anyone else!

2.  What is one way I can barely imagine helping another person at this time?
Financially.  Being a stay-at-home mom is horrible on your finances... hence, the sacrifice.  Unless of course you married a doctor... which I didn't!  We are saving every unaccounted for penny in order to purchase a house.  I can't imagine helping out another person in a financial need.  Of course, I can make a meal for someone... but I can't buy them a week's worth of groceries.  Anything is possible with God though, so we'll see! 

The rhythm of faith

1.  What is one conversation/question about faith and God that I am excited to explore?
Where is God calling me to next?!  I trust Him and His plan and I just pray that He is crystal clear so that I may stay in line with where He want's me to be.  He has blessed me beyond measure and I know I'm secure in Him.  I'm so excited to see what He has in store for me next!

2.  What is one conversation/question about faith and God that I am nervous to ask?
Not necessarily about faith, but I never want to ask God for patience.  I'm afraid of that.  Because I know He wont GIVE me patience... He'll TEACH me patience.  Eeeeek.  It's an important lesson for moms, but geez, does it have to be SO hard?!