He Said...

We're driving in the car and there is a man in the truck next to us with a yorkie dog in his arms, hanging his head out the window.
Me- Marco, look, look at that doggie in the car there... you see it?
Marco- yeah, he's funny, look at his hair... he needs a hair cut!

I was talking on the phone with Mauricio as we discussed a failed attempt at bidding on a house.
Me (on phone): Well, I guess we've got to go back to the drawing board.
Marco (loudly to me): Mom, I wanna go to drawing board... and skateboard too!

At dinner, Marco went up to Jonas and began scolding him, while pointing his finger.
Marco (to Jonas): No, No, NO Jonas
Mauricio: Marco, excuse me, stop that, You're not the boss of Jonas, that's my job!
Marco: Ok, but it's MY job too!

Lately whenever Jonas begins to cry, Marco will call out,
"I'm coming, I'm coming"
and then when he gets there, he consoles him saying,
"It's ok, I'm here... I'm here"


Shawna Borman said...

That's SO cute Nicole!! I love hearing about your adorable little kids. Keep it coming :)

S said...

I love that last one!

Danielle-Marie said...

Kids say the CUTEST things. I love this age!