Seriously?! Thursday

It's Thursday, guys... and you know what that means?  Another episode of Seriously?! Thursday with From Mrs. to Mama.  Head on over and check out some other cool blogs.

Seriously?!  It's only Thursday?  I've been ready for it to be Friday since... Monday.  Ugh, still only Thursday.  Has this week not been draaaaging?

Seriously?!  My blog has been a little serious lately (and not in a "seriously" way).  Sorry about that.  It seems like these things just pile up.  And I have barely posted pictures, so below you will find a few as my attempt to make up for it.

Seriously?!  I am SO psyched about what's coming up on my blog.  And you should be too.  Can you say "give"... now say "away"... together now with me... "Giveaway".  I have been working to secure some sa-weet giveaways for us within the next coming months.  My goal is to have one a month.  But seriously, the first one is going to knock your socks off.  Stay tuned at the beginning of November for it.  You can get a head start on qualifying for it by becoming a follower of my blog.  Followers get an extra entry!  Momma's you are NOT gonna wanna miss it... I promise!!

Seriously?!  Check out just how effective Marco's "time out" is.  I put Marco on time out and there comes Jonas to play with him.  That does not make for a very good time out.  Marco starts watching Jonas and laughing at him and before I know it, Jonas is standing next to him, banging on the window.  Great... seriously great.

Seriously?! You know what is the problem with having 2 children?  That one always inevitably gets the short end of the stick.  Here's Jonas getting the short end.  I step away with Marco for less than 5 minutes... take him to the bathroom, put on his pj's and get him in bed for his nap.  When I get back, this is how I see Jonas.  Asleep in his Jumperoo!  Poor baby!  While it's a little funny, it also breaks my heart.  And I wish I could tell you this is the first time... but it's not.  Not the second time either.

Seriously?!  I'm making plans to visit a farm this weekend that has a pumpkin patch, pony rides, fields, petting zoo and some kind of berry picking.  I'm so excited!  Keep a look out for some uber cute pictures.

That's all I've got for now.  What made you say "Seriously?!" this week?


Anonymous said...

Love your Seriously?! post! Come say hi!

xoxox...Hannah @ A Lovely Mess :)